Sunday, May 15, 2011

May Celebrations

Mother's Day

Three of the five siblings, along with spouses and two grandsons, gathered to honor our nearly ninety-year-old mother.

Here is the queen mother herself.

You can also see some of the food we feasted on: Kim's Cuban pork and rice, and salad from our indoor garden.

Another tandem training ride, 45 miles. Can you tell what I am doing?

After exercise class I went to visit my friend Miriam from South Africa.

She sewed lace on a sun bonnet, so creative. Shortly after our walk a storm brought hail. It has been that way all week--unpredictable weather.

I cleaned all day so I wouldn't be overly embarrassed when Ivan and Kim (brother and SIL) came to spend the night. They arrived last week from Argentina. It has been wonderful to catch up and learn more about their life and work en la Patria querida (in the beloved homeland).

(The picture I took on this day came out blurry, so  I'm using one  taken Sunday.)

My second floral painting class--review of leaves plus lilacs.

A bouquet of real flowers from the lilac tree in our yard plus the one remaining tulip. One year long time ago, I planted 100 tulip bulbs but some creature attacked the whole lot except maybe two.

The grandkids were here a few times this week. Here are a few choice photos.

A skateboarding lesson

Archery practice

A fun ride with Daddy Sam

Ready for prom
Today was a full day.
For me: a ladies brunch in the morning; cleaned my car; Kayla and her makeup crew came here to get her ready for the big date; then I picked up my South African friend so she could meet another Afrikaaner.
For Mike: his turn to lead the Saturday cycling club ride; a memorial cookout for one of the riders who passed away; an evening of music at the Gray Barn.

May is always a busy month.


The Cyber Hermit said...

I love how the little one looks kinda dubious about the idea of skateboarding :).

Very beautiful young lady. Hope she had a great prom.

momma frans said...

your painting looks great! I love lilacs.

McCrakensx4 said...

Wow great and full week! Happy happy to your beautiful Mom! She looks great (and that dinner looks yummy!) Fun to spend time with your grandkids, I am sure and beautiful young lady getting ready for her the color of her dress!


Great pictures. The lilac painting is really good. It looked just like the lilacs in the vase. Hope the prom was a good one for the beautiful young lady who went.

skoots1mom said...

awesome painting...
it's so neat seeing the family must be wonderful for your mom to have you all together

The Bug said...

Your lilacs (real and painted) are really pretty - I can almost smell them :)

That dress is GORGEOUS & Kayla looks pretty darn good in it too. Hope she had a good time.

I'm so excited to see Kim & Ivan at your house.

Oldfangled said...

Nice job on the painting! And I really like your friend's hat. I need to get a sun hat for summer.

Kim said...

Seriously, you did NOT have to clean your house for us! :) We were just grateful for a place to stay! And we SOOOO enjoyed our time with you!

Kayla looks so lovely! She sure looks like her mama, doesn't she?!

You have mad painting skilz! I am totally impressed...maybe a painting for mother as a house warming gift when she moves to GV? Hmmmm? :)