Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 18

Resurrection Sunday
The whole family hung out, ate, played, celebrated!
We hadn't been together in a while. The older cousins had so much fun and the little one entertained us all! He would not stay still so I ended up with only one photo of him.

Leah's first fondant cake
The rest of the week I was not so faithful with a photo-a-day.

Somewhere in there I finished listening to the audio book that tells the story of the Touhys, the family from the movie The Blindside. We highly recommend it.

Skye and I have been reading a missionary biography.

I also put together a small Shutterfly book, memories of our Chicago trip last week.

The week filled up with hair and doctor appointments, exercise classes, Bible study, and a very special tea with ladies I hadn't seen for months. 
I dropped by the daughter's and admired her rearrangements--the cozy little nook, the hutch with several Klaytivity pieces I had forgotten.  

Thursday evening, Malachi's game went on uninterrupted after an initial downpour. Rain has been a constant this week. I heard it has been the wettest April since the 1800s. Don't know if it's true.

Saturday I jump-started the running wogging season with a 5K I had not trained for. There were three in my age group and I came in third. Now I must get out there and train for the next race. Mike has been running or biking regularly and notices the difference it makes. He rides with the cycling club every week.

Finally, one last bouquet.

I hope to work in the garden this week, if it doesn't rain.


Lhoyt said...

Always interesting, and with great pictures. You got a great picture of Zion!

sara said...

That cake looks so wonderful!!!

Even coming in 3rd..I am SO impressed you are running a 5k. Not sure I could do that!!

lots, and lots of rain here and flooding...I'm ready for some consistent sun!

Kim said...

Looks like we'll be getting a soggy welcome to the states! Mari posted photos of Michigan and they've also gotten a ton of rain with flooded fields and overflowing rivers.
Leah does a lovely job with cakes!
The kids sure look like they're having fun. Had to grin when I read that Zion wouldn't stay still. Boys = perpetual motion :)
Have a wonderful week! See you soon!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

that is a cool cake. love the photos of the flowers too. have a great week


Loved that fondant cake. Was it as good as it looked? I keep wanting to try to make one....still a little leery.

The Bug said...

Ooh - the cake is gorgeous! Was it tasty?

Love the pics of the kids having fun - and the one of you at the race - go you!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

So impressed, as always, with your active lifestyle. I am, sadly, quite deficient in that area.

Fun family times and great reading/listening!

I'm down here with Sara. And it's just been crazy here. Apparently, we've already had 3 times the average amount of rainfall for May. And that was in two days!! It's really pretty incredible. I'm happy to see the sunshine today, though!!

The Cyber Hermit said...

Such a cute little one :). And that cake looks wonderful!