Saturday, December 7, 2013

2013 Week 49: Events and Friends

Someone pointed out once that my photo-blog is more about people than things.
As I look over the events and accomplishments of the week, what stands out are the encounters with friends in a variety of ways--F2F, FB, e-mail, Christmas greetings and letters . . .

At our local ice cream shop, Ivanhoes', one is likely to meet friends. Sunday, when we took visitors there (always a good excuse to eat there) we met a young lady who grew up here and meant a lot to our family, now living far away, married and expecting her first.

 Monday we took a couple of young friends to Stephan's meal.

Tuesday I addressed a bunch of Christmas cards and year-end letters to family and friends.
I came across a trifold card I made for Mike's parents 30 years ago, the first Christmas we were back in the US. After they both passed away many such items were returned.

These must have been our kids' first school pictures: Stephan in 7th grade; Leah in 5th; and Sam in Kindergarten. On the back I wrote, "Leah now has a perm and shorter hair and Sammy lost his first tooth on Thanksgiving." [Way to ruin her beautiful hair, Mom. And, look at those huge glasses, poor girl.]

Mike's weeks and months of plugging away at the lost wax bronze casting experiment, culminated Wednesday with the actual pouring process, more complicated than I could ever explain.

The next few days he was cleaning up, sand blasting and polishing the piece.


He finally finished Friday night after we got back from Jared's concert. (Well, really it was Anderson University's Candles and Carols.)

BTW, last year's production will be televised on Christmas Day on the public broadcasting networks--APB and ETWN.

Today, Saturday, we joined many other vendors in a nearby town to display and hopefully sell some of Michael's art. The sales were not great but we met old and new friends and that was worth the while.

The town is all decked out for the season and we're looking forward to tomorrow's Olde Tyme Christmas with all the traditional activities of the day--tour of homes, tree lighting ceremony, and more.

So, we are another week closer to Christmas. Hope you are enjoying all the preparations of the season and that your heart is filled with joy as you meditate on the Christmas story.

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The Bug said...

Love that picture of you & Jared :) Oh the perm years - I think I either needed a perm, HAD a perm or was growing out a perm from about 1980 - 1995. Ha!

Oh and YES, that is a Claytivity piece on our shelf :)