Saturday, December 21, 2013

2013 Week 51: Rain, rain go away . . .

Today, on the official beginning of winter, the rain is washing away the old snow. Perhaps we'll have fresh snow and a white Christmas.

Sunday, Mike was asked to share with the first grade Sunday School class a pottery demo and lesson he's done before. I watched the interaction for awhile. The thirteen children were enthralled. When asked how they are similar to clay pots, the answers varied .

--Because we can hold Jesus inside.
--Because we are all different.

Hopefully they went away understanding that each of us is created differently for a unique purpose and that we are the clay, He--the LORD--is the potter.

Our friend Gina makes a clay ornament each year. Monday night, at the dinner she gave out this one so fitting for our snowy year.

Jared, our young friend at Anderson University, braved the snow and icy conditions to come over Tuesday afternoon and pick up his luggage which in storage here.We enjoyed visiting for awhile and even played a couple rounds of Hand and Foot. Then he had to leave (or was it because I was winning?)

Thursday he drove home, 10 hours to Little Rock, AR, but by then the weather was warming up.

Wednesday evening the Elderberrys, the older crowd at our church, gathered to wrap gifts for needy families in the community. As I was leaving I enjoyed the sight of the moon over the manger scene.

Another night scene I enjoy, the lighted deer in my neighbor friend's yard. Can you tell how many deer and see Rudolph's red nose? She also gave us a deer ornament.

An ornament that survived the house fire is very meaningful to me because it was painted by a young friend, a former student. She now lives nearby and we talk or get together regularly.

That brings me to Saturday's photos.
What a fun day! I took the two older grandsons on a Christmas shopping trip. They each had a certain amount of money and could decide where and what to spend it on. We had a great time together and they are very happy with what their purchases, including a gift for their girlfriends.

Back at Malachi's I caught a glimpse of the two younger boys all spiffed up and ready for mom-Kristie's family Christmas party.

They also showed me the newspaper article that came out today featuring Sam's business. Another proud moment. Open the link to watch the video and read the article.

Skateboard maker's business is on a roll

Michael has been very persistently moving forward with his artistic project, however no photos this time.

And now, I close wishing you all a very blessed Christmas week, rejoicing with family and friends all because of the greatest gift of all--God come in the flesh to live among us.


sara said...

Rita can I tell you again how much I love that Jared has you close by!!! Thank you, friend, for being there for him and loving on him!!

Have a very blessed and special Christmas!! Love to you both!

The Bug said...

Obviously I am VERY behind on reading blogs! I thought I had read yours last week when I tried to catch up. Apparently not!

Love the ornaments, the "duded up" younguns, and most of all the moon over the nativity - lovely!