Saturday, December 14, 2013

2013 Week 50: Let it Snow . . .

Winter is officially one week away, but the weather does not know that.
We've had winter-coat n' hat weather all week, even hovering in the single digits at times.
Sunday started out rainy, windy and COLD. It was the day of the Town of Upland holiday traditions.
I enjoyed the Tour of Homes, going to other people's this time! Again a nice variety of settings and decor.
One lady had an extensive Gone with the Wind collection including Scarlett O'Hara dolls and all her many dresses. 
I was reminded of the fact that it was my mother-in-law's favorite movie. 

I also took notice of a wood-carved rocking chair and several clay sculptures. (I wonder why?)

The two napping figures were inspired by the habits of the artist's aging parents. (I can relate to them!)

Speaking of sculptures. . . a very sad accident occurred Monday when I was dusting Mike's most treasured and fragile piece. (I knew dusting could be hazardous!)

He had to glue the harp in four places. (I am grateful Mike is still speaking to me!)

The Christmas tree made it out of the attic Tuesday, thanks to Michael, but I have been so unmotivated this year that the trimmings sat around for days. Finally on Thursday afternoon I began cleaning and decorating in earnest. Why? Because I had invited the neighborhood ladies to come for coffee on Friday! I do better with deadlines. Also Friday is when I get away from desk work and do other things, such as crafts, cleaning or other household chores while listening to a good book.

A few favorite little corners
Three of the Nativities come from Argentina. Can you guess which ones?

Wednesdays we often go to a weekly meal at the Lions club. This week was the Christmas special.  I caught a glimpse of Santa preparing to make his entrance. (Ha! You thought he came down the chimney.)

Well, in truth, the stories that have come down through the centuries about St. Nicholas tell of his generosity. One in particular stands out, when he did climb up and drop a bag of gold through an upper window to help a poor man save his daughters from slavery. He tried to do it secretly, but obviously word got out.
It is fun to be sneakily generous in this season of giving.

The Thursday, December 12th, public network Weekly Special featured son Stephan at the Indiana Ice Studio talking about his art and profession. It is very well done. (You can see him on the 0:53-0:56 and 3:13-7:07 segments.)

This weekend he is in Ithaca, New York. Ice carving competition season has begun! Here you see the 'Ice King' himself sitting on the throne he and his buddies carved for the occasion. (Photo downloaded from Facebook)

"We carved this 10 block throne at Ithaca Ice Wars in NY this week....with Brian Fitzgerald."
And here it is, a quiet snowy Saturday, wonderful for staying indoors, listening to Christmas music, writing holiday greetings, wrapping gifts, and composing this weekly post.


sara said...

Oh heart sunk when I read about the harpist piece....I know you had to feel sick. Thankfully we all know things are just things!

I love seeing the pictures of the ice sculptures...I still don't know how they do it. beautiful!

I also love seeing the pictures of the snow...but very thankful it is there and not here! :)

Merry CHRISTmas!!!

Kimberly Hoyt said...

That is one big throne! I'm always amazed at what Stephan can create with big chunks of ice.

Glad Mike is still talking to you :) I think I'd avoid dusting from here on out -- now you have a good excuse! hahaha

You're knee deep in snow, and we just turned the a.c. on a couple days ago. Really thankful for it now that we're experiencing consistent temps up in the 90s.

Of course we'd like your end of year letter!

The Bug said...

So sorry about the harpist - that is totally the kind of thing that would happen to me so I definitely feel your pain...

LOVE the picture of Stephan - he looks right at home there :)

Given my new job duties I'm pretty sure that I will be blogging a lot less next year. I probably will still post my pictures each week but I definitely can't host it :(