Sunday, December 1, 2013

2013 Week 48: Family Fun

Thanksgiving week is always one of  family gatherings. This week we had great times of family togetherness including a birthday party.

These are my two favorites of the many photos of Zion's birthday celebration last Sunday.

Monday I finished Karen's t-shirt memory quilt which I began in August for her birthday. She thought I'd save it for Christmas, but I couldn't wait so I gave it to her at the meal that night.

Among the things being moved around, put away or rearranged for the holidays, is this ancient airline bag that the Hoyt family used to lug the oven bird nest around. I am waiting to I hear the story that goes with it.

One quiet evening I caught my husband in his studio with another woman!

Thursday. Thanksgiving Day, we feasted at Stephan and Karen's along with SIL Diane, daughter Leah and her household, Jimmy and Skye.
Gryffon and Gracie enjoying the Thanksgiving guests
Unlike Monday nights, the dogs of the house were allowed to roam freely.
Later they were treated to an afternoon walk.

Thanksgiving after-dinner activities

Friday all the Koch family, except Kristie and baby Jude, enjoyed a couple hours of bowling at Northside Lanes.

Fun for all
Saturday I took Diane home and then prepared for more overnight visitors--Sam and three of his boys plus Jared (Sara's son).

The extra bedroom
Sam and Malachi rose early today, Sunday, for their very first hunting experience!
I didn't realize the photo was fuzzy until later. However, it is the only one of that first memorable event.

Jared could not get a later flight so spent Saturday night here and was allowed back into his dorm at AU this afternoon. Can you guess what we played?


  1. The holidays are upon us :) The bowling looks fun. Even though I'm truly horrible at it, I enjoy playing.
    Great job on the quilt! A good snuggle under kind of quilt, while reading (or knitting) on those cold winter evenings.
    The airline bag was a freebie, as Ivan recalls (but he thinks Lynn might have better memories of it) and was the perfect size to haul the hornero around :) Too bad we didn't take better care of it, though, 'cause it's a cute little retro bag.
    So Mike is on to his next sculpting project. What will this "other woman" be doing?

  2. i love tshirt quilts! that one looks great!!
    what a cool bag!!!

  3. The quilt is great! I know Karen is happy to have it...

    Boy Jared is looking so grown up - which I guess he is at this point...

    I have really been searching my heart about P365 and I just can't decide - whether or not I'm going to continue & if I do whether or not I would consider hosting. Guess I don't have much time to decide!

  4. Beautiful quilt! Love bowling and I haven't bowled in a long time...
    Are you guys playing hand and foot? :-)


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