Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Week 1: Endings and Beginnings

Before the year was over, Michael finished his bronze--10 lbs., 26". He has already entered a call for local art by Marion General Hospital for one of their new buildings.


We planned a five-generation-photo-session visit to Mother's on Tuesday, the 30th, to coincide with the annual holiday harp performance and reception.

Great grandpa to Rebecca: "Wanna learn to play the harp?"

Rebecca: "Gotta think about it sleep on it."
Do you have a favorite?

After the concert we went to see one of the resident's train and village set-up.  Zion and Jude would love this. Maybe next year.
Interestingly, Quentin remembers Dad's visit to his church and the prayer of dedication he offered for their son, decades ago. Unfortunately, on this day he was unwell so his wife ran the train.

The last day of 2014 was the second annual shopping trip with these good-looking grandsons. Is it becoming a tradition? We did follow the same routine as last year ending up at MacD's.

The New Year's Eve Ball drop in Muncie was discontinued after six years, so we had a quiet evening at home and a lazy New Year's day as well.

Saturday, however, was the FRC Kickoff, the beginning of robotics build season. This year's game: Recycle Rush.

23-member team, parents, and mentors watching the simulcast

I stayed home, worked at packing up Christmas decor, and went out to lunch with a dear friend.

Oh, I checked and found out that my Spanish class was cancelled due to low registration numbers. I think I feel relieved and glad to have more time for other things. Still pondering what exactly.

What is your new year looking like?


Kimberly Hoyt said...

I like all the 5 generation photos! What a good looking bunch of women :)

Soooo impressed with Mike's work!

I think shopping with your grandsons is a great tradition that should be continued -- and I'm sure they'd agree :) Ending up at MacD's should be optional though. haha

Perhaps more writing to fill those hours you won't be teaching?

The Bug said...

Ooh - LOVE Serenity! Fabulous job!

I like the first picture where you're all enthralled by Rebecca :)

Your grandsons look so handsome these days!