Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015 Week 3: Football & Ice

Tis NFL season! And with a couple of the teams we follow still in the playoffs, we have plenty of Sunday afternoon entertainment.
Last Sunday, Mike spent two-and-a-half hours involved in a rescue episode on our lane, so he missed out on most of the Green Bay Packers game but walked in just in time to catch the final winning minute. Even so, football had to compete with robot designing.

After last Sundays's adventure, I was not too eager to drive anywhere and quite content to spend three days admiring the scenery from indoors.

However, we braved the icy conditions to go to Monday meal, in Mike's car and him driving, and enjoyed an evening with some of the grandchildren. Sam's family rarely make it to the dinner, but   Kristie was gone to class so dad and boys joined us for some good food and fun.
Kristie started back to school, one evening a week, working toward a long-time dream of becoming a midwife.

Stephan was eager to show us further discoveries--more people he recognized on the Doulos cartoon.

 I came across a great photo on Facebook of the artist at work, our friend George Booth, the multitasking grandfather.

Rebecca Rose was five months old on Wednesday and this is what Kayla posted.

Future ballerina
 We decided to have game night every Friday for whoever can come. Kayla is first to arrive. She was still laughing about her first attempt to cut Rebecca's hair.

We taught Kayla and Skye what used to be a favorite family game--Nertz. Once again Leah held her position as champion even after all these years. It is a fast game and none of us can equal her speed!
(No photos, too much action and no breaks!)

However, Hand & Foot is NOT her game. The only reason she's smiling in this photo is that she gets to hold Rebecca the entire time.

Jimmy, though tired from the long work day, is still the reigning Hand & Foot champ.

Leah reminded us of how she escaped being in marching band. She and Stephan used to rush to grab piles of cards and sort them. In one of those sudden moves she sat back down on her foot, the force of the chair leg broke a toe.

 Stephan was in Bay Harbor making ice art. Competition season is in full swing.

Winged dragon
Day 1                                                              Finished Sculpture

Football, ice, and back to football. . . Will the Colts win tonight?


Leah Sower said...

The game had MATH in it !!!!! and many many rules !!! and when it comes to Math and Rules those just aren't my strong points :) LOL

Kimberly Hoyt said...

That's really cool, what Kristie's doing!
The Doulos cartoon is such fun! So much to look at, I can see how you'd keep finding new things.
Rebecca is adorable! Love her little ballerina outfit.
Stephan never fails to amaze with his ice sculptures, so detailed and each one vastly different from the others.

The Bug said...

Rebecca is just TOO CUTE! Little bow mouth... Sigh...