Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 Week 4: A somber week

The death of a young person shook our community this week and brought to the forefront a serious and pervasive drug problem in our little town. We pray for our youth and seek ways to help them out of their hopelessness.

The funeral on Friday was packed, standing room only. I was offered the last seat.

There were many other commitments, even accomplishments throughout the week, but not many photos.

Mike and the robotics Team 1720 The PhyXTGears, meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings and all day Saturday and spend some 16 hours per week working together. They've been streaming live so I get occasional glimpses of them scurrying about. Here, a few screenshots I captured.

Only one afternoon, Wednesdays, he goes to the Red Barn and supervises kids creating with clay. He makes good use of the time playing with clay as well. This day he was performing brain surgery.

Thursday I walked over from one barn to the other, after my exercise for the elderly, to watch Kayla teaching ballet moves to Matt's twin nieces.

That night I tuned in to an e-concert by former colleague Win Corduan. It was fun to interact with him and others online.

Saturday Kristie planned a family birthday party for Elijah. Rebecca stole the show, again!

This photo is a bit blurry but I love the expressions.

Kayla's photos are my favorite!

And here is my favorite ten year-old!

He may have been disappointed that not many were able to attend. But more birthday events were yet to come.


The Bug said...

So sorry for the loss in your community. It's just so sad when it's a young person...

That Rebecca DOES steal the show - although her mother & Elijah are awfully cute too :)

sara said...

Rebecca is getting so big!!!