Sunday, February 1, 2015

2015 Week 5: Birthday and Anniversary

These two small wooden figures, added to my turtle collection, were  my favorite Christmas gift, especially the note that came with them.

Yesterday, January 31st, we celebrated 45 years on this journey of life together. Our annual photo ended up a mix of two selfies to capture the best expressions. (I should have taken off my glasses like Mike did.)

You can't really appreciate the new Christmas sweater I'm wearing in the photo. 
Earlier in the week I enjoyed the one I knit for Michael and gave him at the time of our wedding 45 years ago! Can you see the hole and frayed cuffs?

Earliest and most recent knitting projects
Going back to last Sunday: Grandma Debby dropped off the two young boys to spend the night here. 

Monday breakfast
Jude really enjoyed Grandpa's homemade kefir. 
Zion and I finished up his firetruck puzzle.

Tuesday. January 27th, was Elijah's 10th birthday which he has been celebrating all week!

At age 4 ½
He is now 4 ½ inches taller than his dad at age 10, and can't wait to catch up with (and surpass) grandma's height!

Wednesday after tap class I got to see two favorite girls.

Thursday I photographed these two ladies. With a newly knit headband "Youth" looks more feminine.

Friday Game Night we had a full house in honor of Elijah's birthday. I had many old photos spread out on the coffee table.

Mike and Skye played a quiet game of chess while the crowd guessed Headbandz.

Kayla has trouble guessing ice cream

Elijah stayed overnight so we could continue our annual Garfield statue search on Saturday.

After I took him home, I joined Michael at The PhyXTGears workshop, before heading out to celebrate our anniversary with dinner and a movie.

Nine robots in their hallway museum


The Bug said...

That picture of Rebecca - TOO MUCH! All that pinkness. Squee! :)

Love Elijah's jacket in the Garfield pictures. And I LOVE that picture of the sculptures - nice shadow work!

Happy anniversary!!

sara said...

your knitting reminds me of my grandmother's beautiful!! I wish I could do that!! she tried to teach me but my lack of detail frustrated us both!! :)

Kimberly Hoyt said...

That's a lovely sweater you knit Mike all those years ago (holes and frayed cuffs simply show how much he enjoyed wearing it!).

Belated felicitaciones! 45 years. Wow!

Not too many weeks go by without a birthday celebration, do they, with your expanding tribe? :)

Headbandz looks like a hilarious game.

I'd be a little nervous about having Mike's sculptures so close to the stairwell. hahaha That's my paranoia showing through because I am such a klutz :)