Saturday, February 21, 2015

2015 Week 8: Endings and Beginnings

This morning it was snowing. I decided then that I would stay in all day.
The doves were hunkered down as well.

The forecast promised several more inches by evening.
However, this afternoon the sun is shining. Maybe I should go for a walk.

To and from the mailbox

Now I'm back to tell you about the week. Last Saturday the boys and I were out playing in the snow.
The little ones went home Monday, stopping to visit Mom in the hospital.


Tuesday was another one of those very long days, the End of Build Season!
Team 1720 the PhyXTGears accomplished as much as possible in the way of  repairs, improvements, and practice drives. Close to the midnight deadline they wrapped up the Recycle Rush robot and cleaned the shop. For anyone interested you can watch several fun videos of the robot in action and of the closing down and clean up.

I kept well occupied at home. Among other activities, I listened to a program on Moody Radio discussing the book: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane and decided to read it. I'd seen a copy recently among my many titles for children and young readers. One summer some years back, Skye attended a day camp at Indiana Wesleyan University that focused on reading the book. I found this cute photo inside. I can't remember how his favorite book ended up here, but will now return it.

Kristie was released from hospital Tuesday evening. I'm borrowing another photo from Facebook taken Wednesday morning.

Snuggle bunny ‪#‎bestmedicine‬

There were many school two-hour delays or closings this week.
Thursday all four boys spent the day here so Mom could focus on recovery.

Friday I picked up the town newspaper and found this article about the Valentine poetry reading I'd attended the week before.

A few corrections:
From Shel Silverstein's Runny Babbit, I read "Kugs and Hisses"; and from Phil Smouse's The Ten Commandments, "The Story of Adam and Eve." Sorry, no original poems this time.

Today, Saturday, February 21st, I am remembering the two-year anniversary of Daddy's passing.

He never did get to meet Rebecca and a couple other great greats born since then.

I haven't seen our little great granddaughter for over two weeks. Thanks to Facebook, and Kayla, for this glimpse today. I think she is getting quite used to selfies.

BTW, the robotics team continues to meet three days a week to prepare for their first competition next week. During the last week they are allowed to take it out for six hours, which they are doing today.

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The Bug said...

Your grands and great-grands are so cute! I'm glad you got to spend time with the boys. And there you are with your picture in the paper! Go You!