Monday, February 16, 2015

2015 Week 7: Valentine's Day???

Where did Valentine's Day go? Not that we ever celebrate it much. But this year it was definitely overtaken by the robot and Kristie's surgery.

Mike was consumed all week with working on the robot. The two Upland guys joined him most days, but a few times he went into Muncie to get ahead on certain parts, work on problems, and prepare tasks for the team. Most days I could watch them at work via UStream and have an idea of their progress.

What's everybody looking at?                                                           Oh, the robot in action!

Monday night I went alone to Stephan's and it was only us three.

In some ways it was a lonely week. Long days alone. But all that changed suddenly when Sam asked if I could have the boys overnight Friday. It is Sunday and the younger ones are still here.

Kristie had surgery Thursday late afternoon to remove a cyst on and just as large as her kidney. She was released the next morning but has been in considerable pain ever since. Today she was back in the ER and they went in again to check for a possible perforated bowel. Thankfully that was not the case. However, they kept her in the hospital overnight.

These have been very full days.
We made origami valentines, and a koala bear,

. . . worked on a fun puzzle,

. . . had some adventures in the snow,

. . . watched the robot online in the First Practice Match,

. . . and waited for Grandpa to come home.
When he finally sat down after a long day on his feet, little Jude climbed up beside him.

So, you see why Valentine's Day was mostly forgotten. But not totally. We did start the day with a special breakfast, the boys and I.

Today when Jude went down for a nap, so did I. (I wonder why?)

Elijah went in with Grandpa this afternoon and it's been fun watching him get involved with the robot as well.  He's the one in the plaid shirt and wearing safety glasses.

What will the morrow bring? We do not know. But we do know Who holds tomorrow.

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The Bug said...

Love that picture of Jude and his grandfather - so sweet! And I would have taken a nap too! Your nap selfie is much better than ones that I've tried to take - I always look extra goofy :)