Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 Week 2: Frigid!

Serious winter weather moved in this week--subzero temps and some snow. Many school closings or two-hour delays.
Otherwise, life goes on as usual although we tend to not go out unnecessarily. I did make it to a few usual appointments, driving carefully.
Nothing has stopped the robotics team from moving forward. They meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings and all day Saturday. They brainstormed, came back with possible designs, discussed, decided on one, and got to work. Five weeks to go!

Last week, before the snow, we had this visitor to our woods.

Red Tail Hawk (?)
Throughout the week we have enjoyed watching various birds.

Huddled doves on the coldest day
Enjoying the sun
Staying indoors (and not teaching this semester!) has given me more time to work on long standing projects. Last year's blook arrived this week to add to the collection. These now replace the photo albums I used to put together annually years ago. Next project is to take those pre-blog somewhat-ruined-by-the-house-fire photo albums and remake them.

Most Fridays, unless something comes up, I get together with a neighbor lady. We went to a fun coffee house in the neighboring town. Someone was selling infinity scarves for a fund raiser and we both bought one--a stylish reminder of our fun times together.

We started something new this week--a game night! We had such fun at our Christmas gatherings that we decided to make it a more regular event. Part of the inspiration comes from the success of Stephan and Karen's Monday meals to build community.

This time Grandpa Mike taught us a new game he's been researching--Resistance.

Malachi's girlfriend joined us for this fun evening.
I love Malachi's expressions. Hmmm. . .he should think about going into theater.

I love seeing the cousins together.

Los primos
And of course, we ALL love seeing Rebecca, though no one is more possessive than Nanna Leah.

Rebecca weighs 14 lbs. now, and according to the doctor is the most observant baby she has seen in a long time.

A Friday game night makes it very convenient for the young grandsons to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa's. Mom and Dad can put the little ones down to sleep and Grandma can enjoy them Saturday morning. Those little guys are a lot of fun, so curious and observant, growing, learning. We are so privileged to have them close by.
Daddy Sam came around lunch time to take them home. Look at those little faces. Notice the UGG boots and head gear. Do you think they 're ready for the extreme temps?

It is Sunday afternoon. I am in my loft writing-area looking out at the bleak winter landscape. I sit here worried and wondering why Mike hasn't made it back yet from helping the woman who got stuck in the driveway. From where I am I cannot see past a certain point, even with the many windows.
Suddenly a Facebook notification comes up and this image appears. A young family friend who is with the wrecking service has posted a photo of what I cannot see. I message back and forth and learn that Mike is okay, from all appearances. I still worry because of his constant cough and the sinus headache he has today.

Later: Mike is back and is okay. Two vehicles got stuck. Always visitors who do not know how to negotiate our driveway.


sara said...

yikes! i think that would probably be me in the ditch if I came to visit right now! :(

Jared leaves in the morning to head back. Praying the weather is good and the roads better!

Kimberly Hoyt said...

I got cold just looking at your photos :) We are actually enjoying a bit cooler weather than normal, thanks to a stormier/rainer summer. Today we have the windows open and the ceiling fans on, but no need for the a.c. I don't miss those northern winters and will just appreciate the snow from your photos :) Although I do really like the boys fun hats and might be tempted to wear one myself!

The game night is a great idea! Not only having fun, but making memories the grandkids will always remember.

The Bug said...

Love your scarf! And game night is a great idea - and I love that the grandbabies get to stay over :)

Karen Kay said...

Wow, You all were 'really' cold there in Indiana weren't You! I think you had it worse than our family in Bloomington. Great to see your 'Meemaw Moments' in albums and a family game night added to your Monday meals together, is amazing . You have so much bonding time which is your blog and all of You!

rita said...

Three years later:
Game night did not last long.
Photo album redo didn't happen yet.
And this reminded me to sent 2017 blogs to Blog2print for the annual hard copy.