Monday, March 16, 2015

2015 Week 11: Events-full week

 Daylight Savings Time, foggy mornings, melting snow, warmer temps. . .is spring almost here?

 Sunday, Mike and Stephan arrived back safely in Indiana, tired and very sore, still recovering.

We also had some unexpected visitors in our yard.

Monday, March 9th, was the 30th anniversary of Grandma Hirschy's homegoing. Cousin Kae wrote a beautiful tribute and several added their memories. I included them here along with this four-generation photo taken in 1973.

Tuesday a friend came over to pick out some pieces of pottery for a benefit silent auction.

Yarn bowl, candle holder, honey bowl, treasure box
Wednesday we joined our friends at the Senior Center for lunch. The program was a visit from Johnny Appleseed. He did not get out of character the entire time! I knew better, tho', years ago he and I commuted together to teach at the Indiana Academy in Muncie, history and Spanish respectively.

Thursday, Zion and Jude arrived in time for breakfast and stayed a couple hours while Mom had important business.

In the afternoon Mike left with the team for the second district robotics competition. I followed later that evening and spent two nights in Kokomo.

Friday was an exciting day watching Team 1720 advance to first place. Their strengths were a well-engineered robot that consistently and efficiently stacked totes six high with a recycle container and noodle (42 points), and a human player who expertly littered the opposing alliance field with noodles earning an average of 30 points per game. 

The PhyXTGears made it to quarterfinals Saturday, despite a major spill, #3 alliance. This article describes the event  Kokomo District Quarterfinals, and their photo (above right) features our robot!
We didn't make it to finals, however, were awarded the Engineering Excellence Award.

I had returned home Saturday morning but carried my computer around as I worked most of the day to watch the event live. 

In the afternoon our senior ladies tap class performed for the residents at the nursing center. It was our first. We were a bit nervous, but it went well.

My weekly blog post would not be complete without a photo of Rebecca.

Seven months today!
Stephan had a birthday Thursday. We celebrated Sunday with a fondue meal, his favorite "because it's fun-to-do." We cooked meats and vegetables in oil, and there were four other pots--two varieties of cheese and two different types of chocolate. It's quite a major event when we all get together. I was too busy to take many pictures, and the ones I did get are of very poor quality. So I leave you with just one of Stephan enjoying his celebration.


The Bug said...

Love the foggy shot & your tap dancing self :)

Did you know that Mike's university (Urbana University) has a Johnny Appleseed museum? It's pretty interesting.

Congrats to the robotics team!

Kimberly Hoyt said...

How fun to perform for the nursing home -- I'm sure y'all brought smiles to many faces!

I remember that photo of the four generations. That's exactly how I remember Grandma Hirschy -- except she was usually smiling when we saw her. Wonder why she was so serious in this photo?