Sunday, March 22, 2015

2015 Week 12: Quiet Week

What happened this week? It felt like "Same old, same old," as they say, the usual weekly responsibilities and activities, but as I look back there were extras thrown in, but not many photos to show.
  • Meetings of groups or committees we belong to, plus a writing workshop for me.
  • Doctor visits: lung clinic for Michael; eye check-up for me, Rita.
  • Exercise groups and activities, the usual, plus a couple bike rides for Michael and a nice long walk together. 

It was time to replace the winter wreath for one that Stephan and Karen gave us for Christmas--a portent of spring and summer to come.

A few visitors stopped by after the senior's lunch to see our special tree.

Another day, someone came to pick out pieces of Mike's pottery to display and sell on consignment at the new coffee shop in town--The Bridge Cafe. Can you pick out the Klaytivity items?

Speaking of visitors, I loved seeing this picture on Facebook--Simon visiting his great grandmother!
(You can see how low on photos I am this week, that I have to resort to stealing!)

Here's another Facebook steal--my own lovely granddaughter and great granddaughter!

Good news yesterday for Team 1720, The PhyXTGears--they qualified for state competition and were accepted! Now they have to raise a bundle of money to go! And also improve the robot. They came up with ideas how to increase the speed and Michael has been working on the design for the changes.

This morning we enjoyed watching Sunday Morning on CBS, the coverage of Ice Alaska.
How many times can you see the whooping cranes of Koch and team?

Have a great week. I hope I do better with taking pictures.


The Bug said...

Boy, you people sure do make pretty babies :) Love that wreath. That reminds me that I have no idea what's on our front door. It if wasn't so chilly I'd go check right now. Ha!

Kimberly Hoyt said...

I wouldn't call it stealing, more like borrowing photos :)

I recognize at least some of the Klaytivity items (since I'm the proud owner of a similar piece ;)