Sunday, March 29, 2015

2015 Week 13: Remembering . . .

This week brought back a flood of memories almost as thick as the snow that fell suddenly Monday afternoon. When it was time for the exercise hour for seniors at the Gray Barn, the accumulation was almost 2" deep.

Memories brought on by the anniversary of a death and the passing of another grandparent.
It is hard to believe that Grandpa Koch has been gone 12 years. I came across a photo with him during one of his many hospital stays. Mike was privileged to be with him a few years later when he passed away on March 23, 2003.

Great grandpa Koch with Malachi, 2000
This week, Thursday, Malachi's great grandpa Sholes passed away. The family is even now on their way to Tennessee for the funeral.

Thursday the 26th, was also Jimmy's birthday. For lack of a current photo, I came across these from the past which also stirred up memories of family life and times.

Now, some current photos from our Friday game night.

A first selfie with abuela
Sweet Kern-family pics. I couldn't decide which I liked best.

Rebecca with uncle Skye--two typical expressions: tips her head in greeting; loves to clap.

When Nanna is around she is very possessive of her Lovie, even if trying to take a picture from the spiral staircase!

Here's the scene she captured--the ongoing game of Spoons.

            Poor Cassie needs an advantage. Put the spoons next to her!

Grandpa and Skye play at least one game of chess whenever he comes over.

Saturday Mike was gone all day working with the team on Not Yet to improve its speed. (The robot got its name at competition when someone called out "Does your robot have a name?" "Not yet," was the answer they wrote down!)
Unfortunately, by the end of the six hours allowed to work on the robot, it was not put back together. So, when they go early to state competition next Thursday, they have five additional hours to finish the work. YES, they are going to state! You can watch them live Friday and Saturday, April 3-4, Warren High School in Indianapolis. Go to:

Team 1720 PhyXTGears
Meanwhile, Kayla and I went to see Grandma Judy and pick up some goodies at the family bake sale to benefit Kayla's cousin Rachel's dance trip in the summer.

Two great grandmas with baby and mama (who's hiding in the back? ;-)
Have a good week remembering Jesus' death and resurrection and all that it represents for each of us!


Kimberly Hoyt said...

Brrrr! Just looking at that first picture makes me cold!

Rebecca is such a happy little girl :)

That's a great story about the robot's name. Exciting that they're going to state!

The Bug said...

Rebecca continues to be adorable :)

I've only played spoons a few times in my life & as I recall it's a violent & dangerous game, mostly won by the person with the sharpest fingernails. Ha!

Karen Kay said...

How I love to feel a part of all your fabulous 'family' activity. Have you discovered the game 'Sequence'? You can get it in a large format which is great. Sometime I would like to know how to play 'spoons'.

It seems so strange when 'our' parents are gone and then we become the 'elders' of the family. May we leave a legacy that brings our Lord honor and glory and points those who follow behind to the Lord Jesus.

Thank You Rita for 'keeping us in the loop' of your precious family.