Saturday, March 7, 2015

2015 Week 10: Snow and Ice

Sunday I was due to travel and discovered in the morning that it had snowed more than we expected in the night. I didn't know how I would even get out of our driveway. Ah, but Matt and Kayla were staying here waiting for their pipes to thaw and have water again. So grandson-in-law, Matt, came to my rescue!

I had to say goodbye to my preciosa for a week.

Main roads were okay. I drove carefully and came across very few country roads so arrived in a timely fashion at my destination, Miracle Camp, for an intensive week-long course.

They warned us up front that we'd feel overwhelmed with so much to process in such a short time.

After hours of sitting and soaking in information, a few of us braved the cold for invigorating walks.

Our guide
On the last day the roads were clear,

. . . and the snow had a shiny icy crust that made it look like meringue.

Meanwhile, in Fairbanks, Alaska, work progressed steadily on many amazing ice sculptures in the Multi Block Competition of the 2015 World Ice Art Championships. My computer was ever present to follow live webcam updates of  Site # 15 and show off to anyone around me, during breaks or meals, of course.

Stephan, Mike, Luba, and Mo

For six days the team worked long hours and overcame a variety of challenging weather conditions, including a dangerously sunny day.

Pictured at the top from left to right: Melanie and Timothy, lower down: Sama, Jude, London, Doo-doo, and Jessica.

All these photos are from the Ice Alaska website.
Even better to follow the action were Mike's videos posted on Facebook:

Day 1, Day 3, Day 5, and Last Day:

So that was our week. I'm home again. Mike and Stephan will be flying through the night.

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The Bug said...

I'm glad you traveled safely! What was the course for?

Stephen is ridiculously talented! Wow!