Tuesday, October 6, 2015

2015 Week 40: Not slowing down!

The temperatures plunged this week and I was constrained to bring my plants indoors, amazed at how much they had grown. This may be the first year I haven't lost any. However, I do need to lose give some away.

Sunday evening was our first "Open House" at pastor Dan's. The weather was still very pleasant and we were outdoors hoping to glimpse the Blood Moon. The clouds blocked our view most of the time.

These little cuties could care less. They were just eager to go to a special Chinese party at Taylor where they could have moon pies.

Monday, I got to spend a few hours with this cutie before going to my class in Muncie when his older brothers got back from school. Mom had a "good-Samaritan" errand that day.

Showing off various poses

Big bros chilling after school

Rebecca joined the walkers both days, lucky me! Tuesday was still warm.

Debby showing off her new hair design.                                                                                                 
Thursday was chilly enough that my friends were wearing ear muffs and gloves. I borrowed a sweatshirt from Kayla. Rebecca made it very clear she does not like to wear a hood, so her mom said it may be the last time she lets her go out in the cold. :-(

One of the routines Mike and I enjoy as often as possible is breakfast together, physical and spiritual nourishment--Mike's wonderful egg dishes and the Daily Audio Bible.

However, it is not always possible as we enjoy very full schedules.

Saturday Mike accompanied some of the robotics students to a special event--RAGE (Robotics All Girls Event)!

Our girl engineers
Much more to tell next week, which will explain why I'm so late posting this one.

¡Hasta entonces! (Until then)

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The Bug said...

Another busy week! Love my Rebecca sighting - but I also love those precious girls in the second photo. So cute!