Saturday, October 17, 2015

2015 Week 42: Visitors

Last rose of fall?
We are still enjoying beautiful sunny days, but increasingly cool. In fact, there is a frost advisory out for tonight.

My walking friends
So good to live in Indiana, the Crossroads of America. It seems to be a regular occurrence that friends from a long time ago are able to stop by, even if for a brief visit.

Fred and Karen Perry live in Arizona now, after life overseas in some thirteen countries, but they have family in the Midwest. When they travel between Bloomington and Michigan, it is quite convenient to swing by our place right off I69.

"Friend"ly selfie                                                                    Author Doc Farid and his two books     Posing by our famous tree

Went by Leah's Wednesday to drop off some things AND see Rebecca Rose! She stays with Nanna while Kayla teaches dance.

On the way in to Muncie to teach, I stopped by Minnetrista to see what Team 1720 was up to all day. They were showing off Not Yet, their soon-to-be-retired robot, talking to interested adults, and entertaining numerous little visitors with crafts and activities.

What? Nothing to show for two days? Well,  I must have been too busy to take pictures--Thursday preparing to teach, and Friday, writing about the ArtPrize experience.

Oh, but also Mike and I went out in the afternoon to see Woodlawn the Movie, an amazing true story of reconciliation and revival in racially divided Birmingham, Alabama, in the '70s. If we had been in the USA at the time we might have heard about it.

Today, Stefan and Neeru and their delightful children are here for an overnight visit. We enjoyed a beautiful walk in the woods.

Meanwhile, Mike and Team 1720 spent the day at their very last competition. Not Yet may now retire after a very successful career. I heard that they took second place, but am waiting for Mike to get home and confirm the rumour.

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The Bug said...

Another super busy week for you! Love my Rebecca picture :) I wish I could walk in the woods regularly - it's just not all that convenient for me here :(