Sunday, October 25, 2015

2015 Week 43: Autumn Pleasures

The extent of our seasonal decor
Sunday afternoon we said goodbye to our delightful visitors.

Who's winning?
We've had such beautiful sunsets and sunrises, enhanced by the fall colors.

Two early morning walks again this week.

Can you tell what design my friend got this time?

Look what Mike encountered on his trip out west with his brother!

The neighbor stopped by to introduce Jack to me, the neighborhood guard dog.

Saturday both grandmas rode along with Kristie and the boys to Malachi's semi state cross country meet. I got to sit next to this little guy.

Trying on Grandma's beret

Getting ready to cheer for our favorite runner

There he goes!
Meanwhile the little guys had so much fun in the beautiful woods.

It is finished!
Y'all have a wonderful week, come what may!


Kimberly Hoyt said...

John 3:16!

Looks like y'all are having some gorgeous fall weather -- and colors!

The Bug said...

Ooh I wonder if I'd have the courage to have that shaved into my head? Then I'd have to live like I believed it, right? Truth in advertising? :)

Love the fall foliage!