Saturday, October 31, 2015

2015 Week 44: October Fun

The leaves are falling fast. Autumn rains and wind bring cooler temps.

Sunday was still beautiful and warm. I enjoyed hanging out with these two teens, driver Malachi and his friend, and watching Elijah play soccer.  (Don't know what made my photos so blurry.)

Mondays after class I look forward to Stephan's meal and the time with friends. This week one of Stephan's college roommates was passing through and delighted us with the tale of how he met his wife.

Mike sent this amazing sunrise photo Tuesday. He is enjoying the beauty of nature, the challenge of hunting and spending time with brother and nephew.

 Only one early morning walk this week, Thursday, but well worth the effort of getting up and out.

Every spare moment Monday through Thursday was consumed with tests, homework, and calculating grades--definitely my least favorite aspect of teaching. However, interaction with students in the classroom makes me come alive and reminds me why I endure the other.

Friday and Saturday, DIL Karen and former student Trisha joined me at a writers' conference. We all came away with clearer direction and greater confidence to move forward with the projects we are working on.

Shortly after arriving back home, these very special visitors stopped by--the cutest little mouse and a beautiful black cat.

My one seasonal moment: wearing a 5k tee from five years ago; wearing a cute pumpkin-pin made by my walking-friend; and drinking coffee from a Garfield Halloween-mug from my neighbor friend.

Now it's time to turn back the clock and sleep an hour longer.

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The Bug said...

Aww - cute little mouse! And that picture of Karen is really good! Glad you had a good time.