Sunday, November 6, 2016

2016 Week 44: Memorable Events

One last bouquet of impatiens. I suppose fussy gardeners have already done away with their summer annuals. Mine were still blooming pretty, so I let them go. Today they were mostly buried by the falling leaves.

We've had such beautiful fall weather and unusual temperatures for this time of year. Michael has enjoyed riding his bicycle almost every day!

November 1st was Kayla and Matt's 5th anniversary!

Kayla & Matt's new mugs

That was also a historic day for the Chicago Cubs after 108 years trying, hoping, waiting to win the World Series. I am generally not interested in baseball. However, this week I stayed up late several nights to watch the games to the end. Michael was kind enough to explain the rules and answer all my dumb questions. We were all very excited to see Billy Sunday's team (formerly the White Stockings) become champions at last.

Friends from the robotics team, a mother and daughter, were headed to Winona Lake to check out Grace College. They invited me to ride with them and they'd drop me off at Grace Villge so I could spend time with my mother. Initially I said no because we had a big event coming up Saturday, but Mike encouraged me, and I was happy to run away for a day and forget all the work.

It is always good to have more prolonged unrushed visits with Mother. 

Thursday evening Ivan and Kim brought dinner and lingered for a game of UNO. Great food and good fun!

I planned to take a picture of the group later, but totally forgot.

I did get a photo of Mother the next day. After her regular Friday hair appointment we ate in the Grace Village dining room.

Mamita bonita

I didn't feel very motivated to do any of the work I'd brought along other than color my weekly page.

Being productive, making the best use of time is so engrained in us that we often chide ourselves for "wasting" time on lesser pursuits. Mother, for example, has enjoyed putting together the puzzles Kim brings her, but says, "I hope she doesnt' spend more money on those puzzles because I waste too much time." Even Aunt Margaret, another 95 year-old down the hall (former missionary to Argentina), was lamenting the half hour spent searching for just one puzzle piece.

Our mother-daughter time was relaxed and enjoyable. Hopefully I can do this once a month.

Julia, Moriah and I got back home around 6 pm Friday.

Surprisingly, with only one day to prepare for the PhyXTGears Kochout, everything came together in time and we had a great turnout (50?), and a wonderful time. As usual there was way too much food,
Here's a sample--Gary's Special. He uses special knives to carve this beautiful pineapple display.

For more check out my Facebook album Fall Kochout.

Today, November 6th, I am remembering the day 38 years ago when I gave birth to our youngest, Samuel Dale.

I came across a letter written months later.

"For those who haven't heard yet: Samuel Dale Koch was born on the planned date, November 6, 1978, weighing 7 lbs. 15 oz.  Daddy was present and it was a difficult yet very wonderful experience for both. Grandma Hoyt spent 10 days with us. Baby had to stay two more days in hospital after Rita was out. The first three days he was in an isolette receiving oxygen until his breathing was regular, then he was slightly jaundiced. How very thankful we are for a beautiful, healthy baby. Now at five months he's trying to crawl; he gets up on hands and knees, rocks back and forth and then launches forward.

The last days in Wisconsin were wonderfully wearing, the climax of a year of building relationships. Friends helped pack, clean, tie up loose ends. The church had a farewell service and meal for us, and their timely offering shall never be forgotten. Dear friends held a farewell open house for us and invited many other dear people we had come to know. On Thanksgiving Day we left in a very full Suburban. Rita and baby went as afar as Warsaw, Indiana, where Grandpa and Grandma Hoyt took very good care of them for three days. Michael and the other two children travelled on to Virginia where the ship Doulos was spending its last days in the US. Rita flew in a day later."

 Ah, long ago memories . . . I wonder how much Stephan and Leah remember of that trip and initiation to life on the M/V Doulos.

Looks like baby Sammy enjoyed his early days at sea.

We are so grateful for the son God gave us 38 years ago and proud of the man he's become.

Happy Birthday, SAMuel!

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  1. I'm so glad you got to spend some time with your mother! Like her, I lament how much time I spend doing jigsaw puzzles (on my iPad). Mercy - I could be SO productive if I'd just delete that program!!

    Happy birthday to Samuel!


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