Sunday, November 20, 2016

2016 Week 46: Friends, Family, Fun

No more fresh flower bouquets to share, but only ones I colored on my weekly page.
The saying is fitting for our week--beautiful weather, fun times with friends and family.

We enjoyed gorgeous sunshine and record high temperatures for November, until the weekend.
I wanted to see how our real live birds were faring then, and capture the flurrying snow.

We enjoyed two musicals: one Sunday afternoon at Taylor University Theatre, and another at Delta High School Friday evening.

A view of Taylor campus during intermission
Otherwise the week was full of routine chores and necessary seasonal tasks.

Bi-weekly  recycle bin return                                                                               Annual winterizing vent closure
Michael's load is continually heavy with the responsabilities he carries for the robotics team, and increasingly so this week with the upcoming BIG move.
Even so, he planned a day off. In the morning we picked up the Cratons and met other OM friends from long ago, the Bankers, at Pokagon State Park. We planned to eat at the Potawatomi Inn. Upon arrival we saw the parking lots full of cars, we wondered whether we should have called ahead. There was a conference going on with 200 attendees. No problem, enough food and space for us too.

We had a wonderful time catching up, reminiscing, laughing, telling stories and could have gone on all afternoon.

Dennis and Donna Banker, the Kochs, Linda and Bob Craton
(Some hairdos seem wind-proof, not mine!)

We had to get home for the next big event--Malachi's and Lexi's performance in Fiddler on the Roof!

Hodel and Perchik                                                                                  The Edens
What a great surprise to reconnect with a couple from our country line-dance circles from years ago! Ya'akov was a professor in the dance and theatre department for 40 years!
I first met him when, in my very early days of teaching as a graduate assistant at Ball State, one of my students invited me to her performance and took me back stage to meet him.
Always a beloved teacher, now in retirement, he helped the Delta Troupers not only with the choreography but also with understanding of his own Jewish culture. He spoke highly of them, "They're great kids. They were like sponges taking it all in. Tell them once and they do it."
Several mentioned their gratitude in their program notes.
Malachi: "Thank you Mr. Eden for giving us so many helpful tips and support."
Ya'akov told us that the thank you card this large cast (55) wrote him moved them both deeply.

Saturday--the BIG MOVE began, from the shop at Morrison Mock to the new shop at MadJax, nearly three times bigger.
These are photos from last week when they were moving in the auction purchases. So I imagined them on this blustery day wearing jackets, maybe wool hats and gloves,

So ends a good week.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week, y'all!

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The Bug said...

I'm so behind!! I love the picture of Michael bringing the recycle bin back - I needed that contraption back before my hip surgery! And I also love the windblown pictures :)