Sunday, November 27, 2016

2016 Week 47: Thanksgiving and Birthdays

This year we hosted the family Thanksgiving. Michael installed a lighted shelf above the dining room window and I put out simple and meaningful decorations out of reach of little hands.

I enjoy Leah's miniature clay figures every year.

The feast was delightful but best of all the family fellowship.

Zion read the Thanksgiving story. I commented on the adversities the pilgrims faced and read Jesus Calling meditation for the day. Our thankfulness activity for this year was to look back and think of the hardest thing, the greatest adversity, and give thanks, thus allowing God to transform our outlook and redeem our experiences. No one shared openly, but some immediately knew what it was they were to be thankful for. A good exercise for all of us this year: In everything give thanks.

This was also a big birthday week.
We celebrated Zion's seventh Sunday afternoon at the YMCA. He wanted to be able to play in the water.

Rebecca was eager to get in the water at first, but then quickly chickened out when Mommy didn't go in with her. It was just not the same with big cousin Elijah helping.

Swim suit beauty.                                           Silly face.                                        "Look what I can do."

Monday, several robotics team members went to another auction and purchased a whole lot of needed equipment. In the process of unloading somthing heavy, Michael, on the receiving end, fell down and badly twisted his right foot.
The next day he had it Xrayed. Thankfully there was no break. Tuesday evening at their regular robotics work meeting, someone took a picture of the two leg-impaired members.

Mentor Mike and Jessica ready to do the Riverdance
Wednesday I was deep into preparations for Thanksgiving, so Mike went to pick up Diane who always likes to spend a couple days with us over the holidays. She and I were fascinated by this squirrel and wondered what kept its attention for so long.

Wednesday was also Malachi's 18th birthday! 

We celebrated him as a family Thursday evening. After the meal, we played card games and waited for Samuel and Kristie to return from the ER where they went to have Sam's swollen hurting hand checked out. Again we are grateful there were no broken bones. They did run a few other tests as he was feeling faint. His work schedule has been so very strenuous. We are hoping he can get a few days of rest before he must travel again and endure ongoing sleep deprivation.

NO Black Friday shopping for us! It was more of a catch-up or recovery day. My big accomplishment was to put together the year-end newsletter to go with our Christmas cards. Would you like to read it? Leave a comment.

Michael posted this photo Saturday.

"This is what it looks like to cycle in Indiana in November...
and you thought I was just a pretty face."
He is very grateful to still be able to ride outdoors! And, by the way, his foot is much better.

Let Christmas preparations begin now! Let us lean into this period of anticipation, of waiting--the Advent season.

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The Bug said...

No, Michael isn't just a pretty face - he's CRAZY! Ha! Love those Rebecca photos - she's so cute in her swim suit :)