Sunday, February 5, 2017

2017 Week 5: #47

This was the week of our 47th wedding anniversary. Routines continued as usual at this time of year, Mike waking at 4:30 AM or so to work on the problems weighing heavily on his mind and going in to the team shop almost daily. He oversees so many aspects of building the robot and the game field, as well as trying to keep the team running smoothly. 
It was week four of build season and their goal was to have a functioning robot by Saturday.

Even so, there were some sweet surprises: cards, flowers, many greetings on Facebook, and more.

Leah's painted rocks, a hearts puzzle,

Monday is my teaching day. Mike took this picture last week. I was comparing several textbooks.(Confession--only four of the photos this week are mine.) 

"Rita's new 4 monitor display"  Mike
After lesson planning all morning and then teaching four hours in the afternoon, I am always happy to go to Stephan's Monday Night Dinner. Alone this time, but worth the drive for the food, fun and laughter with friends. And the drive is not so bad with a good book to listen to and a beautiful sunset.

Tuesday, January 31st, the actual day of our anniversary, and also a team work day, would have been uneventful, but for a strong impression that had been brewing in my heart and mind all month--to take the party to MadJax, as a family! (I had checked beforehand with those in the know to make sure it wouldn't seriously disrupt the intense work schedule if we came during their half hour break time,) Stephan created a very meaningful centerpiece for our surprise celebration.

"My parents, Mike and Rita have been married 47 years today. This sculpture was created to celebrate both the longevity of their marriage and the fact that my dad is the lead Mentor for the Phyxt Gears Robotics club. I consider my parents' long commitment to each other to be one of the greatest gifts they've bestowed upon me." Stephan

Michael was surprised, maybe even in shock! And deeply honored to have his family see the work he does and loves so much.

It was the best gift ever to have the family together. Only a few were missing or came later.

Rebecca made herself right at home and especially liked following Moriah around or "working" with her. Safety glasses are required (even for toy bears).

Rebecca: "Is this Mecanum wheel oriented correctly?" Moriah: "You sure are cute." (Mike)

I don't have much else to say about the rest of the week, except for the usual--Michael roboticking and me putzin'.

I was thrilled to see that Sam has been able to work on what he loves--skateboards! Notice new colors and graphics. The top right design is based on Genesis 3:15--God speaking to the serpent, announcing His plan of salvation for mankind. 

Saturday was Leah's birthday. We will celebrate as a family next week. However, I did post a greeting on Facebook along with an old photo that reminded so much of Rebecca.

I attended a directed painting event at Let There Be Art, a studio out in the country. I got lost on the way there and was an hour late. Poor Leah never found it! We will have to try again another time.

And now, on to Superbowl fun. I think I'll root for Atlanta. We have friends there.

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The Bug said...

I love the anniversary surprise! Good job! But my favorite is Mike's caption of you looking at the textbooks. Ha!