Saturday, February 18, 2017

2017 Week 7: Very quiet on the homefront

It was a very different week. Mike announced at the outset that the robotics team, at least those on the mechanical side, would be working every day. That was no surprise, this happens every year  as the deadline approaches.
However, abuelo did enjoy playing with funny little Rebecca at our impromptu game night Sunday evening.

Silly Selfies

Matt farkled again!
Monday I made it through the four hours of teaching, but then the head cold that was coming on hit with full force. Several days the only way to get some sleep was sitting in the recliner, 

During those quiet days, when I was not resting, I immersed myself in a thick file folder found in my father's desk, labeled CULVER--Dad's correspondence with Uncle Bob, Dr. Robert Duncan Culver. (Here I wrote about my last visit with him.)

Grandma Hoyt and Uncle Bob, 1938
I came across a photo of Uncle Bob in his younger days with his mother-in-law, my grandmother, the one I have been learning so much about recently.

With no other distractions, unable to go anywhere, I read and took notes. so impacted and inspired by these two great men. My father highly respected the scholarly wisdom of his brother-in-law, and they shared  about life, family and travels. I discovered some precious nuggets of family history and gained a better understanding of the Culver family members. 
It occurred to me that we are placed in families to love and learn from one another, like the great cloud of witnesses in Hebrews 12:1 that inspire us to run with endurance the race that is set before us.

I was fascinated by a small brown envelope and its contents. I knew Mother had always used her artistic ability to enhance Dad's handouts. In this case, back when they were both in Seminary, she helped out her brother-in-law, who was just beginning his teaching career.

I had to use google to figure out the Hebrew alphabet and lay out the letters as best I could--these patterns so well used and now, seventy years later, obsolete.

By week's end, I ventured out briefly. I like to get together with fellow writers and learn from them. But when they got me laughing I began to cough and sputter and choke. Ughh . . . lingering congestion.

Book signing at the local library

Friday, UStream was back on and I occasionally caught glimpses of the goings on in the mechanical room at MadJax. Can you see Mike making sparks fly?

And, here is a Saturday screen shot, just a few minutes ago.

The group in the back left corner is huddled around the robot, which still remains nameless.
It's 11:00 PM. I wonder when Mike will be home?

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The Bug said...

It feels like you only get a short break from your robotic bachelorette life. Sounds like it would be a good idea to find someone else to help ease some of Mike's burden (although I'll bet he wouldn't really want to relinquish any control).

Love the Rebecca selfies - too cute! I'm glad you're feeling better. Take care of yourself!