Sunday, February 26, 2017

2017 Week 8: Craziness, Good and Bad

As quiet as last week was, this one was crazy, mostly in a good way.

Sunday I was privileged to get away mid morning to attend Malachi's baptism. 
Mike was sick, resting, trying to make it through robot build season.

Son Samuel and family attend The Gathering in Muncie, a very alive community of faith. The testimonies of the four being baptized projected on the large screens can be viewed here.

The baptisms were truly a congregational celebration and love fest. Each family participated in their loved one's ceremony.

I rushed back to our church for the luncheon and sharing time with our friends who serve in Indonesia. We knew Leilani years ago when she was a student at Taylor U. and were so privileged to host them Saturday through Wednesday.

Sunday evening Leah and family joined us at Ivanhoes. She remembered Leilani from youth group long ago.

Kevin and Leilani were very busy those days visiting and catching up with friends,
Mike and Team 1720 were intensely focused on getting the robot ready for Bag and Tag deadline Tuesday at midnight. They put in 16-18 hour days. Here are a couple screen shots I captured those last two days of craziness.

I decided to stick with my original plan to visit Mother in Winona Lake Tuesday. That was February 21st the fourth anniversary of Daddy's passing. Among the treasures I discovered this time as I looked through more of Dad's files, was this very brittle newspaper clippling--their wedding announcement.

I stayed up past midnight watching online all the houpla surrounding Robot Bag and Tag, and then several videos descibing the last minute craziness.
So I was quite awake amd aware that Mother was having trouble sleeping. She was up trying to find relief for stomach pain and nausea. Finally after the third or fourth time she asked me to take her to the ER.
The rest of the night was spent there undergoing tests. By early morning they admitted her, inserted a NG tube in hopes of resolving the bowel obstruction without surgery.
Ivan stopped by in the morning, Wednesday, and I drove home.

Meanwhile other family members faced illness. Kristie and Kayla ended up at the pediatrician's with their little ones. Rebecca was diagnosed with RSV and Jude the flu resulting in benign acute childhood myositis causing severe leg pain and trouble walking--scary stuff. Meanwhile my brother in Pennsylvania was hospitalized.

I spent a couple hours Thursday afternoon with the young'uns so Kristie could run some errands--always a joy and privilege to spend time with the grandkids.

Friday, Mike and I had tickets to a Josh Garrells concert at Taylor University! We've known him from before he became a sought-after awarded-singer, a good friend of our kids. Sam listens to his albums constantly. I could tell from watching the crowd response that they too have memorized Josh's songs.

We talked to him briefly backstage. He told us he'd been sick with respiratory issues for two months and didn't know if he'd be able to go on tour. He had only started singing again one day before leaving. He must have a lot of people praying for him as he travels and shares his powerful message in song. We thought his voice sounded better than ever.

Saturday I went back up to Warsaw to spend the day with Mother. There'd been progress in her condition. Here she is minus the NG tube, contentedly waiting for her second meal of the day. Even the liquid diet was a treat after all those days.

Today, Sunday, SIL Kim wrote: Mom is being released now and she's more than ready 🙂 !

Bowel obstruction resulting from scar tissue adhesions is a common problem after bowel surgery. Mother had colon cancer in 2001. Almost exactly a year ago she was hospitalized and they had to intervene surgically. We are so grateful that was not necessary this time.

And now we hear that Sam, who is away on a work trip in New Jersey, is sick with the flu. So we pray for help and healing and his safe return.

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The Bug said...

Goodness what a week! I'm sorry for all the illness - I feeling like February has just been exhausting. I'm ready for March!

Does the robot have a name yet? And which sundae did you get at Ivanhoe's?