Sunday, February 12, 2017

2017 Week 6: Steamworks Rules

Lasting Beauty
The enjoyment of the anniversary bouquet lingers, fewer blooms but colors still vibrant.

We were back at MadJax for Super Bowl Sunday. But, of course, it could not be only about football. Not even such a national passtime could stop the engineering minds. They kept testing their latest adjustments to the robot on the under-construction STEAMWORKS game field.

That was the end of Week 4 of build season. Read about it here: Satellites and Build Week Four.
As of today, they have only 10 days left to solve remaining problems and bring together the final components of this yet-unnamed machine. Lets hope tired brains and bodies hold out!

Mother's 95 year-old body and mind are still active, though we notice a very gradual decline. She fell again a couple weeks ago and now is more careful to rely on the walker. Slowing down and change are hard for her!
I am grateful for brothers and sisters-in-law who live nearby, who look in on her and help with practical needs, money matters, and decisions. I try to make the hour-and-half trip every two weeks, Tuesday overnight. It is fun to share with Mother my latest discoveries from the past and hear her added comments and memories. This time I only got through four thick file folders. I think Dad had a hard time throwing letters and old documents away. Such rich history there. Future generations will not have those records to look back on.

Wednesday night we had the first real snow fall of the season, 2" to 4" that lasted more than a day.

My planned morning visit with Patryce Thursday was nearly called off due to icy roads, but then only postponed. The main roads were fine and a lovely tea awaited me in the afternoon.

Friday, our second attempt at Game Night, lacked the guest of honor. Leah and all her family were sick. But we had lots of fun with Sam's family playing Farkle and then Hand and Foot.

"Did you Farkle, Malachi?"
So Leah's birthday gifts are still waiting, and her flowers starting to wilt.

Saturday was a very long day for Mike and the team. If you do watch the game animation video above, and understand the four tasks of this year's robot--hang gears, climb rope, pick up and shoot balls--you might even have some suggestions for a name! 

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The Bug said...

I'm so sorry that Leah was sick & missed out on her presents & game night. But at least there is a lovely picture of her flowers.

It was a nice surprise seeing a picture of Ivan on here :)