Tuesday, July 27, 2021

A Very Full Week

Cousin Karin's bouquets from Tennessee continue to delight.

Our garden does not yield such varieties. But on my walks, I notice and enjoy many wild flowers each time, and attempt to read and learn about them. For example, how do I tell the difference between Queen Anne's Lace and Hemlock, its lookalike?  

A lovely Sunday surprise: Stephan called and said they were headed our way to dine out at Payne's and could we join them! 

In addition to the great food and conversation, we were noticing all the timber framing in the addition to the restaurant. Stephan is working on that this week. (See Karen's blog.)

A different kind of surprise awaited Michael Monday morning when he opened the meter base to figure out what had caused the oozing stain. He immediately called the electric company to come out and  unlock the top part. The guy had never seen anything like that. 

Monday night I had a meeting, so Michael sent a photo of the meal Stephan served. Karen did much better than that, she sent home food for me! 

Notice the tomato baby, and the zucchini brownies! They were wonderful. She sent me the recipe, now the pressure is on for me to make some.

Wednesday, Rebecca and I had our usual fun activities and ended with a short walk on the Taylor campus. I am so grateful to have these weekly opportunities to spend time together.

Michael deserves all the focus this week. He's in the middle of several big projects. This week he and Leah painted little climbers on the finished climbing wall. 

Michael spent two days priming the side of the building for a mural to be painted next week.  

Back-breaking work

He also made several trips to Stephan's to begin work on all things electrical.
On the way he always stops to buy sweet corn from Moriah's cousin.
After one long day, he tackled the process of prepping six dozen ears for the freezer!
He never stops! It's against his religion!

In lieu of a photo of the messy process

Despite the many projects, we are enjoying summer!
Michael wouldn't think of missing his long Saturday bicycle rides with the Muncie group. 88 miles this week. 

I had fun at the Farmers' Market. Among many other goodies, I bought this bouquet of tiger lilies.

There's so much more I could write about.
We just keep plodding on, grateful for each opportunity and the necessary health.


  1. Is that a SNAKE in your meter box? Yikes! Those brownies do look delicious - and I LOVE the tomato baby! I follow a "forager" on Instagram & I think she did a story about the difference between Queen Anne's Lace and Hemlock. But of course I don't remember what it is. Ha!

  2. Ooo - I found her post. I hope you can see it: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CDJazOFAEDX/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

    I love her - she's hilarious and informative!

  3. YES, two snakes!
    I watched your link, and also had someone very knowledgeable show me the difference in my own yard. Hemlock (we have quite a few, dried up already) have purple spots on stem, flower segments are not as compact (and not flat top and with purple dot in middle), and grow much taller.


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