Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Independence Days

As if to illustrate, or emphasize the title, Week 28 published itself independently before I commented on the photos! Such a surprise! That fits right in with the numerous exasperating technological issues I've had so far this week. "Better late than never." So, here we go. Let's try again, beginning with Karin's glads to gladden our hearts. 

Sunday, July 4, we were very gladdened by a visit from son Sam's family. It was so good to catch up and fellowship before their move to New Palestine, happening even as I write. They will be closer to Kristie's job in Greenfield. 

And, as it was the 4th of July, Independence Day, we joined Leah's family for Jimmy's annual fireworks display. 
We all find a place in front of the Kern home (Kayla and Matt's house) facing the field where Jimmy and Skye set off a carefully chosen variety and sequence of fireworks for our enjoyment (and theirs?)

The children get to play with sparklers. 
The lit up back porch in the background is where Nana lives.

Kalani, however, fell asleep before the show. He was tuckered out from the preparation all afternoon as he tried to join in with his parents and Papaw unwrapping, selecting and sequencing the goods.

It was back to work Monday for Michael even if it was a government holiday. Using two stacked scaffolds, he managed to finish painting the difficult-to-reach heights. Throughout the rest of the week, among other tasks, he overcame a few other challenges and completed the huge task of painting the house.

I explored a different road on my daily walk and came across some lovely sights.

We truly enjoy the weekly gathering (and the food!) at Stephan and Karen's Monday Night Dinner. And there's the added anticipation of surveying the progress on their new house. 

Interior framing in progress

Tuesday mornings my friend Jane and I walk for an hour. We explored some of the paths on the TU campus. Among many interesting things to look at, we discovered a rose bush with three different color blooms, apparently in stages--white, rose, and yellow. Can anyone explain this mystery?

We've listened to the Daily Audio Bible for a dozen or more years, but this is the first time I participated in the annual Long Walk. This is what I posted about the experience on social media.

The Long Walk took me on a new neighborhood that began with lovely blossoms and sunshine and ended in the rain and cold wind. Halfway, I discovered this poignant reminder: Jesus died for me and for the sinners next to him. Only one turned to him for forgiveness and was immediately welcomed into Paradise. The world is divided like that: those who receive Him and have life and those who reject and are lost. The rain reminded me to give thanks in everything and that He promised to be with me through it all and unto the end, and beyond! #DABLongwalk2021

Michael began work on yet another summer project. He is building a climbing wall at the Switch Up, an after-school program in the neighboring town of Van Buren. He had offered to do this some years ago and now finally it was approved and is happening.

Friday, July 9, was Leah's adopted birthday. These three young ladies, the Blakely landscaping crew,  surprised her by clearing out an area and planting a flower garden of perennials and annuals.

9 de julio is also an important holiday in Argentina, el Día de la Independencia. I celebrated by listening to Argentine music played by a very gifted Argentine young man.

Saturday, while Michael was out bicycling, I enjoyed a very interactive musical show by Mrs. Kate. This special children's program was organized and sponsored by the local public library. The talented staff of four women includes our granddaughter Kayla, who also designed and made their t-shirts!

Any other familiar faces in these pics?

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