Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Week 29


Karin's bouquet for 7/11/21

That was the Sunday Moriah treated us to her homemade Lemon Rosemary Chicken dinner.

I made ice cream and Michael baked buttermilk biscuits for strawberry shortcake, like we often had with the girls when we lived in the same house.

Moriah even tried out her engineering skills to repair the light by my recliner. (Thank you!) And, furthermore, this week she resoundingly impressed the hiring committee at Allison Transmssion, and will begin work in Indianapolis in less than a month.

Monday evening as usual we surveyed the progress on Stephan and Karen's house. Her parents had been there for a few days, visiting from Evansville. Dad Red (a retired electrician) began installing the electrical boxes and running wire. Mom Dolores painted door jambs.

This week, Michael worked steadily at the Switch Up and finished installing the climbing wall.

I continue to walk almost daily, grateful for the resolve that gets me out to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Meanwhile, Sam's family is experiencing the chaos of a major move from Muncie to New Palestine. Can anyone relate? Does this bring back memories?

Friday, Michael drove the robot and the drive team to Lawrence Central High School in Indianapolis to set up the pit and practice for Saturday's off-season FRC event. 

FINite Recharge was a much smaller event, only 24 teams, not nearly the hype of pre-COVID competitions. And our robot (Infinite Horsepower)'s performance not nearly as stellar as seen in the video still playing on the PhyXTGears' website. However, a good time was had by all. I was blessed to be able to attend and meet parents and students. The new team members, all quite young, had the opportunity to experience a FIRST robotics competition, to learn and grow in their understanding of the robot and their enthusiasm for the game.

I got a ride down with Moriah and her dad, who after our team's loss in quarter finals, continued apartment search to get her situated before the new job begins next month.

With Moriah and Mee Sun in the stands. Who wins the eye-smiling competition?

Infinite Horsepower and the drive team exiting after their final game.

Group sharing after Arby's meal

I rode back to Muncie with one of the new families and learned of several experiences we share, including Spanish speaking and teaching, travel to same place in Mexico, and common friends there. We concluded that El mundo es un pañuelo i.e. "It's a small world."

Oh, chapter 10 kept me quite busy this week. Nevertheless, it published Thursday: Fiestas.

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  1. That recipe that Moriah made looks delicious! And I'm sorry, she won the smiling eyes competition :)


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