Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Week 27

Another lovely array of blooms from Tennessee. Cousin Karin blesses us each week with one or more pics of her floral arrangements.

I continue to enjoy the changing local blossoms on my daily walks.
On this day I also caught sight of one of the painted rocks Rebecca and I placed a couple weeks ago.

Monday evening, Karen served a delicious and colorful meal, and for dessert freshly picked wild black raspberries, very abundant on their property.

Michael is still trying to finish painting our house. How to safely reach the highest part has taken trial and error. He checked out the different lifts available for rent. He thought this smaller one would work, but it was impossible to get it close enough to the house without destroying the flower garden.

Wednesdays, Rebecca usually comes over while Kayla works. We have a fun time doing a variety of activities: walk, games, piano, books. She loves to play hide and seek, not only taking turns finding one another but also locating Humming Bird (a finger puppet). This time it perched on Serenity while we played the piano.

The guys well-planned backpacking trip had to be postponed one day due to rain. 
Thursday, I went along to the church to see them off and then walk home, trying a new path.

On their way to Charles Deam Wilderness, they stopped at a diner in Edinburgh for their famously large tenderloin sandwiches.

Campsite fellowship

The beauty of the panoramic landscape and the tiny details on the path

For me the first two days were quite lonely. Then Saturday I had a couple of visitors in the morning, and worked at the Helping Hand store in the afternoon.

Trisha and Jackson

It was good to have Michael back and go out to eat together that evening to La Palma Mexican restaurant nearby.

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  1. Wow! That tenderloin "sandwich" would feed me for a week! Ha! I'm glad Michael had a nice time, but I'm sorry you were lonely...


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