Wednesday, November 17, 2021


Cousin Karin cheers us with flowers from different seasons--sunflowers, roses, and lilies. They are not from her garden. The memorial bouquet arrived after her brother Ed's passing. 

The season not represented in the bouquet showed up here on Sunday--our first snowfall.

Now, back to last Sunday, the beginning of week forty-six. In the afternoon, I attended a baby shower for a young couple we've befriended since they moved back to Upland to start a new life after some difficult times. 

Monday Night Dinner at Stephan and Karen's always includes a great meal, fun conversation, and of course, a tour of the new house to check out the week's progress. The window wall is coming right along. Stephan used left over wood he had milled for other purposes.

As any homeowner understands, maintenance and repairs are ongoing. Tuesday, a blocked drain took hours to fix. Part of the problem was not knowing exactly how the plumbing had been installed when the house was rebuilt.

Rebecca was here twice this week! Wednesday after piano lesson she comes and then we go to the Basics program at the church. And Friday was an E-learning day, so she started out at the library with her mom, stayed for Story Hour and then I picked her up to spend a few hours with us until Kayla got off work.

Kayla is in charge of activities and programs at the local library, and comes up with very creative ideas. Even if borrowed from Pinterest or elsewhere, I am always impressed at how she pulls them off. The first thing she did was hand me a leaf to add to the tree with my response to "I'm thankful for. . ."

Of all the many activities we enjoyed together, I only got one photo of Rebecca. She finished several of her E-learning assignments: writing, reading, and optional fun ones--a walk outdoors gathering leaves, an art project, a board game (Splendor!) with family members (abuelo joined us!). She still loves to dance freely to music.

Michael had more time Saturday after an early morning hunt, so he baked bread again!

Callah bread

That evening he suggested we work on a watercolor project. He looked up a photo that best reminded him of his last dog. I simply followed a tutorial. I'd say he has the greater talent and patience.

For months now, my creative energy has been poured into writing, so I was grateful for his suggestion of this art activity for our leisure time together. 

Have you found time for creative activities in your leisure time? Or, do you ask "What leisure time"?

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  1. Boy, Stephen & Karen's house is going to be gorgeous! Also, the flowers and the bread are gorgeous, and I love the two dogs. They both look amazing to me!


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