Monday, November 22, 2021

Rescuing the Old

My plants are all in for the cold weather ahead. I even rescued these from the window boxes, but I don't know what they are. Hmmmm, got it free from the florist's trash.

The rescued memories from my childhood continue to emerge and come together in these bi-monthly installments on the blog My Argentina. Chapter 18, Moves, was published Monday, November 15.

Another ongoing rescue is that of old photographs of Michael's side of the family. When we went to Wisconsin to visit his older brother Terry, we acquired two big boxes of Aunt Gerry's saved photos and documents of all types. I am having fun learning about Michael's family and childhood.

Top left: Jane (Mike's mother) Terry, Aunt Gerry holding baby Mike?
Bottom left: Mike; Right: siblings Terry, Mike, Barb

Top left: Mike, Diane, Barb; Right: teenage Terry and Mike
Bottom left: fun times at Uncle Wilbur's cabin by the lake

BTW, anybody notice something fairly constant about Michael?

Meanwhile, time marches on, cold weather is upon us and Michael is diligently re-purposing dead trees, cutting and splitting wood, preparing for winter. 

I was so glad to see that the first house we lived in is being repaired, renewed, rescued! It sat empty and in disrepair for years.

This week a package arrived containing a set of books that we grew up with as part of our Hirschy heritage--the Little Colonel series. Has anyone out there heard of Annie Fellows Johnston? A prolific children's writer, born in Evansville, IN, in 1863. 

Does anyone else have a penchant for rescuing things?


  1. Mike tilts his head to the side for pictures - trying to show his best side?

    I am trying to NOT be a rescuer because that leads to a house full of stuff. Frankly I'd like someone to come through & take AWAY some things instead. Ha!

    1. Yes, he does. Is that side heavier?
      Indeed, that is the problem with rescuing, unless it's to give away.
      I am also always trying to RID of things. I love to do it purposefully, a constant pursuit.

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