Friday, August 21, 2009

Meanwhile: Consider the lilies...

Consider the Lilies

Earlier this summer I was amazed at the lilies of the field, or by the side of the road.

They were sooooo abundant. Or did I not take notice other years?

I found this image on the internet. Isn't it beautiful?

Reminds me of a song by a very special young woman who performed for us at Cornerstone Music Festival, a special concert for our family and friends. I wish I had the lyrics, all about living in harmony with God's creation.

I remember asking afterwards what had inspired that song. She told of how they live way out in the country and she had been admiring the lilies of the field. Then one day they were gone, cut down to 'clean up' the area. It seemed so harsh and unnatural.

Jesus told his followers to consider how the lilies grow (Luke 12:27-28), the fact that they do not worry or work for what they are by nature. If we are God's children, we can trust him to look after us, clothe and feed us. Our security lies in our relationship to Father God who even cares about adorning the lilies that are so shortlived and feeding the birds.

The last station pointed us to the end, the final judgment.

This one speaks to us of this life now, the meanwhile.

In the meantime we are to trust God daily, in everything.

I have tried with each parable to locate the artist. Laura Pfarr is the first one I was able to contact. Here is what she shared about the experience and the scripture.

"As far as comments on the hand and lily, that painting was actually an assignment for my 2D art class. I wanted to contribute art to the pilgrimmage, but did not get to make anything special, so I chose to submit that one. I like very much the picture of God's hands involved in our lives- his humanity and presence symbolized. And I appreciate the verses that encourage us not to worry, that God's hand will care for us even more so than the lilies, which are beautifully clothed. Hmmm, not much more to comment than that on my end!"

She explained further that she was sick at the time which made the assignment that much more difficult, and that though she enjoys art it doesn't flow from her. She would have liked to redo it, but ran out of time.

I appreciate knowing that and thank Laura for inspiring us to try anyway, to participate even when we feel inadequate.

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