Saturday, August 8, 2009

Project 365: Week 32


My focus this week has been to determine and begin to establish routines for life in retirement. Hopefully these daily photos reflect some of the priorities I have chosen.

Physical exercise is one. To begin with, nice and easy (then why are my muscles complaining?), this daily program which claims to "relieve the miseries of menopause naturally."

Spiritul and intellectual exercise

The work area where I spend a goodly chunk of every day, represents numerous endeavors:
communication with family and friends; learning and writing opportunities; photo processing.
In my happy little corner you can see the computer Mike provided for me as well as his photo;
a study book about the parables (check out previous posts and join the fun!); my daily To Do lists right under my nose; and more (usually way messier than I like).

Family fellowship

We are fortunate to have our children and grandchildren all within a 30 mile radius so we get together often. Wednesday was DIL Karen's birthday. After a long fun day of fishing with Stephan, we surprised her with a favorite taco and peach pie meal and, of course, the crazy Koch-song.

Friends are a very precious part of our lives. I am not sure whether there are friendship routines to be added, except to enjoy one another at every opportunity.

Thursday we were blessed by the visit of friends from long ago, maybe 20 years since we last met.

Nocha had prayed for me since childhood. She chose me from among the missionary kids names, we are only two days apart in age. I met her when I went to college. Then our own missionary paths crossed in Mexico, Europe, and the ship Doulos. There she met and married Dallas. They have twin boys, grown now.

This is one of Dallas' paintings, titled Las comadres, and it speaks to me of the variety of friends I am blessed with.

Daughterly duties

Again there is no routine. Visits have become more frequent as Dad's health is failing. I am so blessed to live not so far away and to have the freedom to be involved in their lives.

Dad had two episodes this week similar to what happened end of January, his right side not cooperating. On Thursday he was hospitalized.

I visited on Friday.

You may wonder what the following photo has to do with that. I just have to chuckle every time I see that our photo has replaced George & Laura Bush's in a prominent spot in my parent's home.

Home and Garden

Every day I try to do a cleaning/sorting/fixing task around the house.

And, at least once a week, spend a longer time in the garden. The impatiens have taken off this year like I've never seen before, in my gardening experience anyway. However, only in that one area. In another part, they refuse to even stay alive! What's up with that?

Finally, I just have to add a Meemaw Moment: "Watch this, Grandma!"
(Multiply that by at least a dozen, until his tricks became too daring and he suffered a fall.)

See y'all next week at Sara's place, if not sooner at my place! I love visitors!


sara said...

all your planning for retirement sounds great. I am starting the process of planning for empty nest! I will be there in 3 short years!!!

surely the taco and peach pie were separate!!! :}

Kim said...

Great post and photos! One thing was missing from those retirement plans though... visiting your brother and SIL in Argentina :-)

rita said...

OK, Sara & Kim:
Empty nest? As soon as ours becomes empty,we have guests or grandchildren.
Taco/peach pie--now there's ann idea! ha ha
Notice the title is Routines. A trip to Argentina, unfortunately would probably not be a regular routine.

Esthermay said...

Empty nest!??? What's that? I should've started having kids decades earlier. Oh well....
Your priorities are WONDERFUL! You've inspired me!
I am moving my own computer into the corner. I like that look! I'll make it a photo of the day.
[Excercise? not so much.]hehehehe

It's nice to see that we are not the only family that puts candles on things other than cake.
Family Fellowship: YEA!! Family is EVERYTHING!!!
Great tribute to your family and your priorities.

☼Karen☼ said...

Thank you for the surprise party. We'll have to get together again when I'm not quite so sunburned and exhausted. (:

Lisa said...

What a neat idea. I feel like I just spent part of the day with you. Sounds like you have a nice routine going. It IS great to be in close proximity to family!