Sunday, August 23, 2009

Project 365: Week 34

Diane is Mike's little sister, lives in our area, involved in Carey Services. When she wants to get away, she spends a few days with us. This time from Sunday through Thursday.
Retired now, we had more freedom to schedule vacation-type activities.

Monday we went to the Indiana State Fair. She couldn't remember ever having been. I dug out this photo from 50+ years ago where she is with big brother Mike at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Wednesday we went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum where we did silly things like riding the carroussel and admiring ourselves in the crazy mirrors, plus a lot of other more serious fun.

I've never looked so tall!

Friday we visited my parents. Dad is looking some better. His right hand still doesn't cooperate and he is not walking yet. We don't know how much recovery is possible this time. Meanwhile, Mother goes over to be with him ever meal time, and younger brother visits daily.

They were married 67 years ago, August 22, 1942.
A weekend road trip took me to Nashville, TN for the wedding celebration of a former student. Beautiful!
A lovely friend, Nashville native, hosted and accompanied me. It was extra special to share the evening with her. We worked on the same team in Europe over 30 years ago!

It was VERY early this morning and still dark when I left Nashville.
And now it is late, my eyes are closing.
I'll have to visit you all and Sara tomorrow.


  1. what sweet pictures...thanks for sharing

  2. Such great photos! And how in the world did you ever find the newspaper clipping? I save stuff like that, but FINDING it is a whole 'nother ballgame :-)

    Ivan wanted to call mom on their anniversary and Aldo on his birthday but simply didn't have time with all we had going on this past week. Today he's taking three of the guys and an overloaded trailer of stuff back to Sta. Rosa.

    Dad looks much better than we expected. Amazing how he has bounced back! I cracked up over his comment regarding the "decent" photos. Oh my word, that was funny!

    I'm catching up with Project 365 blogs today and tomorrow hope to catch up on all the others. I'm also planning on a siesta this afternoon :-)

    Is that the Mexican dress you're wearing in the last photo? I just love all the embroidery!

  3. Mmmm, Hot Wisconsin Cheese. Yum.

  4. Great pictures! I love that the photo of Diane now looks like the little Diane in the newspaper clipping. :)


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