Saturday, August 29, 2009

Project 365: Week 35

It was a quiet week in Lake Woebegone...I mean Kochland, or at least quieter. No house guests, alone, until last night when the younger grandboys spent the night.

Here is this week's randomness.

First, my camera died, so I am trying another one and just spent hours trying to upload the photos through another system. Grrrrr!

Such as they are, they speak for this week.

We actually rode the tandem again for a breakfast date at McD's 8 miles each way.

On the way back we stopped to buy fresh produce out in the country and had to figure how we would carry eggplants, tomatoes, squash and beans on the bike.

Grandson Skye finally got his promised bow and started practicing.

Dropped by to see the daughter. She is so proud of her sunflowers.

Had dinner with the lovely Krista, former student now instructor. She was our star student, and now occupies what used to be my office at IWU.

All week long the kitchen counter has been extremely cluttered, mostly with pottery related stuff. Friend Gina, apprentice potteress, came today bringing her latest creations for the weekend firing. I decided to memorialize the clutter with a photo before the weekly clearing and cleaning.

A fun opportunity is coming up in September, the Art Walk in Muncie. I encouraged Mike et al to display some of their clay creations, and he signed up! He is getting quite excited, throwing more pots, firing the kiln every weekend, studying techniques, experimenting with different glazes and finishes, and on and on.
What should their name be Klayations or Klaytivities?
I know I'm late again. Hopefully Sara and her friends will still visit me and leave a comment, opinion, vote, idea... How delightful that would be.
And, BTW, hubby Mike has given me permission to give away one of his clay creations. Be on the lookout for a blogaversary giveaway!


☼Karen☼ said...

Okay, the pottery is getting a little out of hand! Just kidding. I think it's great. We visited Gina Saturday and she's so excited about her wheel and getting her pottery room set up.

Kim said...

Tell Leah she has reason to be proud of her sunflowers! Gorgeous!

Sorry I wasn't around during the skype last evening - was bustling around getting ready for church.

I think it's very very cool about Mike exhibiting his pottery. He does beautiful work. Make sure to take lots of photos!

It cooled down into the 70s today; that might help the fire fighting efforts in Calamuchita where they're still battling the blaze. They haven't done wholesale evacuations; just the hospital which was close to one of the fires. We left mainly because of my asthma; it was very difficult to breathe because of the heavy smoke. So hopefully the house will be okay.

Sad that we had to cut short the time though; we don't get out very often together. Ivan went several times alone or with a friend to do work projects in July but because of Spanish I can't get away as easily. It will be at least the end of Sept. now before we can try again. Oh well.

Hope you had a good visit with the padres, Aldo and Ana :-)