Sunday, August 16, 2009

Project 365: Week 33

prothalamion = a song in celebration of marriage

Can you believe it, that was the word of the day on my tear-off word calendar.
The focus of this week was the big wedding!

"February 8, 2008, Chinese New Year
Chris @ Soup House, met Rachael!" (Quote from my diary)

Christiaan, from South Africa, was traveling with our long-time friends who live and minister in India, the Eichers. They were with us three days. In that brief window of time, he met and was smitten by 'the beautiful one', Rachael, who had lived in Cambodia with her missionary family.
No matter how hard he tried to put her out of his mind, it was impossible. He began to feel God nudging him to write and express his desire to get to know her.
We had encouraged him and welcomed him back should a courtship time commence.
So, he lived with us for a couple of months and we watched their friendship blossom and have followed their love story through all the challenges facing a two-nationality relationship.

Monday, we were so privileged to meet Chris' mother and stepfather, the only ones who were able to come from South Africa for the big event. Such beautiful people!

Our family was involved in food-related ways: Chef-son catered the wedding reception, and we hosted the post-wedding braai.

All week long I was deep-cleaning the kitchen and Mike was working on the yard.
However, we found time for our ongoing hobbies and personal goals along the way.
His passion for pottery involves many, I mean MANY, different steps and processes. This week's experiment was raku firing and decorating with horsehair.

Upendra, from India, another friend of the Eichers, is staying with us for a few weeks. We were all observing the fascinating process.

The piece must reach an insanely high temperature and then within a 30" window you draw on it using horsehair.
This piece was my favorite, but here it has not yet been polished.

My experiment of the week was to make a slide show of the wedding and the braai.

Here are two representative photos: Stephan's ice sculpture for the occasion, and a panoramic (stitched-together) view of the braai area.

We all agreed that the weekend was like "a little piece of heaven," such was the joy and celebration!
I learned another word today: eipthalamion = a song in celebration of marriage, after the event! Our hearts are singing indeed!


sara said...

the pottery was so cool!!!! I would love to watch that process!!!

your son did such a good job, the ice sculpture was amazing but so was that dragon fruit bowl!!!!

Great pictures!!!

Kim said...

Mike's pottery is so gorgeous! My computer is acting up (or rather the internet?) and most of the photos are not appearing -- there's just empty space where they should be. So I'll come back tomorrow and hopefully they will magically appear :-) This happens occasionally, the download speed is so slow that it just times out, leaving me with blankness where there should be "purty pitchers" :-)

Had lunch with the Colles who stayed in Sta. Rosa over the weekend. I was able to meet their other son, Roberto and his wife (altho neither Ivan nor I can remember her name :-() and heard the exciting news that they're expecting! Mirta is just over the moon happy to be getting her first grandchild :-)

I watered the citrus trees we planted last year but I'm afraid that our infrequent visits and watering may not be sufficient for their survival. We shall see. Also, it looks like the animals are still getting into the yard, despite our rather ingenious use of the parrot's nest and the citrus trees appear to be tasty morsels to them.

After Ivan picked up the Mufa Pufa things from PdeV across the river, we loaded the mattresses and headed home. Finished clearing out the office and put up a twin size bed in there. Looks like we'll only have two girls staying here but I'll also be taking care of the ones staying at Centro Esperanza. Which may be one or two couples; not sure.