Sunday, December 6, 2009

Project 365: Week 49

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Fifth Sunday, my turn to lead Junior Worship.
I had a wonderful time with the 1st -3rd graders discussing Jesus family tree and God's greatest gift to mankind--the Son of David!

As you know by now, we try to go to the Monday Night Meal as often as we can. The DIL does such a good job describing the food on her blog, so I will focus on other details, such as her own hand-built clay Nativity.

I was inspired enough to hang a couple initial Christmas items on December 1st, each made by a different SIL years ago.

Also every day I have steadily been working on the Christmas gifts, some shopping, ordering online, and the crafted item hidden in this handy little bag (a gift from a friend in Egypt).

Every afternoon, 6th grade grandson comes here after school and, now that football is over, asks to be taken to the Red Barn, an after-school program sponsored by LightRider Ministries.

There is talk of adding a pottery area in the new room to be added on. So Mike was consulted this week and asked to design a layout. The youth pastor's wife is a young mother and into pottery as well. She came over with her little ones on Friday to help with the planning. They loved playing with the cat.

In the evening I got to spend time with two of our own grandkids and see the baby before he went off with Mom and Dad to his first concert!

Saturday started out with a 5K at the local university to raise money for mission trips--the Jingle Bell Jog!

Then a fun time with the daughter, a trip to the Holiday Author Fair at the Indiana Historical Society so she could meet Sherrie Eldridge.

And finally a date with my hubby--a grand Christmas concert at Taylor, music in many languages--excellent!

And now, already Sunday, it's time to go to bed! Later, most likely after an afternoon nap, I will visit you all at Sara's. Have a blessed week!


Elizabeth said...

What a fun and full week... can't wait to see the surpise craft thing is in the bag. I guess I will have to wait until after Christmas but be sure to take a picture of it!
So many cute little babies :-)
Hope you get a nap in today...
Have a great week!

Kim said...

Am hoping to get into the swing of Christmas this week and decorate. Still an adjustment to have Christmas in hot weather! Will have to dig out the Christmas CDs too :-)

Very full week you've had! Am guessing the project you're working on involves yarn? The bag looks soft and squishy :-) That must be a very friendly cat to allow a little one to play with it. Does Sam & Kristie's little one look like his brothers? Hard to tell from the photo. Love that title for the run: Jingle Bell Jog! Great name!

So excited to start counting down from 10 tomorrow, to mark Tina's arrival :-)

Dena said...

What a fun week you had...And may I say that you have some adorable babies in your family!!

The bag from Egypt is beautiful, as are your Christmas decorations.

sara said...

we are putting christmas up this evening..after I rest a bit from church!

what beautiful babies this week!!!

Love the bag from Egypt, but of course I want to know what's in it!!! :)

great week!

Edie said...

It's just not fair to show us secret hidden gifts on your blog. :)

I love the nativity set. Very creative!

What a great opportunity for your husband with the pottery room. It looks like the cat was having a pretty good time too. :)

SmallTownRunner said...

Congrats on your 5K! Remember, I'm running one with you this Saturday. (:

I do like my nativity set, in spite of the fact that whenever I look at it closely I see all the flaws.