Sunday, December 27, 2009


CHRISTmas! Christ and More (más means 'more' in Spanish)

We are truly rejoicing! The miracle of Christmas is Christ WITH us!

We felt that joy as we gathered yesterday, the 26th.
For quite some time we communicated back and forth about simplifying Christmas.
How can you simplify something so grand?!
Instead we s.t.r.e.t.c.h.e.d it out. We allowed a day in between and still kept two favorite family traditions:
  • Christmas Eve--shrimp, artichokes and one gift; 
  • Family Christmas--brunch, story, gifts, dinner.

Our family unit--Mike, sister Diane, and I--added one special event this year. We attended the second-annual-Monday-Night-Meal-crowd-Christmas-Eve brunch at Chef-son's.
This sign welcomed us (the DIL likes mooses and can do a great moose impression).

Handcrafted gifts were big this year. All the 'santas' worked long and hard. Sample photos follow.

I promised to show you what was in the little bag, one sock per week. Total completed: six. So, two of the ladies received one sock and a promise.

Chef-son and Karen show off their Klaytivity gifts: a soup tureen; a large bowl; two pizza stones; and a butter-bell.
Each family received a butter-bell and other unique thrown pottery. I really like our butter-bell!

BTW, notice the DIL's lovely new haircut, yet another activity included in our extended time together--the DILs work together to save money.


Sam made us a gift out of wood from the old barn--a stunning framed photo of his sons. 

'Santa' baby was passed around, still the center of attention, and Auntie Leah cannot get enough of him.

 The daughter was in charge of the Christmas meal, and we already voted her in for next year!
 While dinner was cooking, most of the others went out to try their hand at archery (or should I say 'try their arms'?) Mike has been trying all week. Last Sunday afternoon I looked out the kitchen window and he was standing there so still waiting for the right moment to aim at some deer walking by. Unfortunately, no luck yet.

Today, we were busy watching the Colts' game. Several family members were gifted fan attire. Even the baby now has a shirt and socks, his brothers got new wool hats, Skye was wearing his Peyton Manning jersey and the women their Colts' necklaces.


It is snowing and so beautiful. All is quiet now and I can blog--the last post for Project 365! 


sara said...

I loved hearing about your christmas and your handmade gifts were wonderful!!!

I love the socks!! and that frame is beautiful!

You have some very talented people in your family!

btw, frankincense was what they burned in worship. Myrrh was used for embalming.

We will post next Sunday but it will obviously include some of 2010!!!

Kim said...

Great week jam packed with photo opportunities :-) I do love all the homemade things! Sam's picture frame is such a lovely piece. You need to show a close up of the butter bell! I think it's funny to hear how the family has turned into a Colt contingent. Our kids included :-) Now do you think we can get mother into it? lol

Made it home yesterday afternoon. Left the house clean for the first renters AND are so happy that the Negris agreed to keep the keys and take care of letting people in and out.

SmallTownRunner said...

I'm excited about getting my socks, and impressed with watching you use double-pointed needles. It looks intimidating. But then, I was intimidated by the thought of making a sweater, and that turned out okay.

I'm excited that I already have plans for my hand-crafted gifts for next year. I hope 12 months will afford me enough time to make them!

Edie said...

Loving all the handmade gifts. I've said it before but I still love how creative your family is!

Looks like a great Christmas! Oh and thank you for pointing out that mas means more. I have never thought of it that way before but I love that thought!

Rich blessings for 2010 as we do it again!

Elizabeth said...

Great handmade gifts... such a wonderful show of love!

Esthermay said...

LOVE the Colts hats!!!!!!
...always enjoy reading/hearing about family traditions. Shrimp and artichokes – now there’s one I’d like to try around here – although I don’t think it’d fly :-(

HANDCRAFTED gifts are always the best!

...Didn’t get to see my MIL in Kentucky this year for Christmas, but she always cuts my hair when we’re together!

I envy that HUGE window in your kitchen!
Happy New Year, Rita!