Sunday, December 13, 2009

Project 365: Week 50

Fifty! Five O! Only two more weeks to go before Twenty Ten, 2010!

And less than two weeks till Christmas!

The Star lights went up last Sunday.

Monday it snowed. Time to hang the snowmen wreath.

Mary and Joseph await on the porch.

The photo cards arrived Wednesday!

And Kayla had her Christmas Open House at the dance studio.

The Christmas tree went up Thursday plus lights and dove ornaments.

Decorating this year is a slow process. Time to get out the various Nativities. This one is the most child-friendly, or should I say child proof--unbreakable. But I do remember pieces went missing some years.

The potter has been hard at work setting up his studio in the downstairs solarium. He is loving having everything in one place, no more running up and down the stairs. And I am glad the kitchen counter is no longer covered with clay or tools. No studio photos yet.

Today, Saturday, DIL and I ran/jogged a 5K WinteRun. We had good weather, sunshine! No ice like last year, but many branches and twigs strewn on the path by the very strong winds we had midweek.
I can't believe I have no photos of us.

Finally, a lovely evening with friends.

Oh! I was awarded the Circle of Friends button this week!
If Sara's Circle disbands in two weeks, I will miss those weekly visits.
But now I will make the most of what time we have left. Let's check in with Sara, our wonderful hostess.


Kim said...

Love all your decorations! Still haven't put the tree up here yet. I keep forgetting to put the Christmas music on; that would help make me move quicker maybe? :-)

Love the photo cute!

Have enjoyed time with friends on several occasions this week. Thankful for those dear people God has brought into our lives!

I'm having a hard time getting caught up -- Ivan says I've bitten off more than I can chew :-) Trying not to look at the whole, but simply try to get done each day what must be done that day. Today that is finishing some homemade gifts for our co-workers before they take off for Uruguay early tomorrow morning.

Elizabeth said...

Wow... you said that was a big star and you were so right! It must look great when you are outside and looking up at it.
Cute snowman wreath. Great photo card. Hope we get one :-)
Lovely picture of Kayla! Do you ever make any of her outfits for dance?
I love the dove ornaments. Do you collect doves for the Christmas tree? It looks like they are all different.
What a cute little Nativity.
Too bad you didn't get a picture of you at the 5K WinterRun.
Looking forward to seeing pictures of the pottery studio someday.
Thanks again for passing the award onto me.

Hope you have a GREAT week!

sara said...

I loved seeing your decorations after hearing about them the other day. I really like the Mary and Joseph by your door!!!

Your Christmas card is wonderful!!!

wow, you ran/jogged a 5k? I am very impressed. my neighbor is trying to get me to commit to "walking" a 1/2 marathon....not too sure.

well, I have decided to keep hosting project 365! I hope you'll keep going with us!!!

Edie said...

I'm so glad you shared your decorations! Love them all! I thought of you the other night when I was looking at the doves I made for my tree years ago.

Yay for you for running the 5K!