Sunday, December 20, 2009

Project 365: Week 51

Tis the season...

  • to decorate, and clean!
    This year I am decorating slowly, thoughtfully, enjoying the process. When I get an idea that's when it gets done.
    I decided to not clutter the tree, so all white, silver/gold, shiny, clear ornaments are on the 'front', and all the colorful ones are on the 'back', seen from the outside looking in the windows.
    I have also been cleaning as I go (spring cleaning in December!) One accomplishment I am so proud of--I washed and starched the European-style valances my mother crocheted for our kitchen years ago, AND cleaned the windows before hanging them back up!

  • to send greetings, and receive!
    These come and go by e-mail and  snail mail, Facebook, phone, F2F and through blogging.
    I love hearing from friends and family all over the world, and sharing our news. I've always wanted to have a year-end letter ready by the time Christmas cards and letters started rolling in. This year I came close.
    Here is one of my favorite cards received. Our dear friend who just started 'pottering' this summer (see her here) made beautiful candle holders and carved the Nativity scene on one side and the name Emmanuel on the other side so that the reflection was readable above the manger scene. Those are her children in the photo.

  • to gather, and say goodbye!
    We continue to enjoy Monday Night Meal at Chef-son's. This week our college-girl-boarder and friend (my first cousin twice removed) were able  to go with us as their finals were over for the day.

    Then Wednesday, our girl Jessica left for home and for Indonesia the next day to visit her father's people. She got to choose her Klaytivity gift.

  • to sing, and gaze with wonder!
    Thursday was Elijah's pre-school program (third from the right).
    And we all took turns gazing at our new  baby.

  • to admire the snowscape, and drive in it!
    View from kitchen window Saturday a.m.

  • to visit and share
    We drove an hour Saturday afternoon to visit my  uncle and aunt. Both are very good at their crafts: he is a fine carpenter, and she loves to paint. Here is her most recent project, all symbols of Indianapolis.

And, we keep on keeping on, Mike setting up his pottery studio, among other things, and I with writing assignments, among other things.
Let's see what activities occupy the others in this special season, among other things. Go to Sara's.

A blessed Christmas to each and all!


Esthermay said...

...we too are decorating so slowly this year – we may be ready by February 1st!
...and I come in after the family has done their version of "decoration" and put all the way-too-much-color for my pretty tree ornaments in the back. LOL!

Pre-school Christmas pageants are the BEST! Elijah= handsome man!
Precious little one...

And OH! That view out your kitchen is breathtaking! Love it!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS, Rita – and to all your family.
I’ve enjoyed getting to know you through this project 365 – lets do it again :)

beckyjomama said...

I LOVE that candle! And ... OH! The sweet baby and other little ones. So sweet!

Kim said...

Lovely, lovely photos! The view from your kitchen window on Sat. a.m. -- wow! Love to see the snow (in pictures!). lol

Aunt Doris' Indy platter is gorgeous! What a fun idea... has my wheels turning for a Carlos Paz wall quilt :-)

Elijah has that same look most kids do while performing in school programs --- somewhere between deer-caught-in-the-headlights and I'd-rather-be-anywhere-else-right-now. hahaha

The nativity scene on the candle holder is so beautiful. Another great idea! So much creativity all around, it's hard not to be inspired. How goes the creative writing?

Well done on the curtains/windows. That's a wide swath of windows too! I had high hopes of spring cleaning this year but it got hot so fast I haven't done it yet. So now I'm planning on just doing a fall cleaning :-)

sara said...

I will have a simple tree when my kids leave and take their ornaments with them...maybe!

what a treasure those valances are! I think I would be afraid to wash them.

Love the picture of the the candle holder.

And that sweet!!!

Thanks for joining me this year in project has been such a joy to get to know everyone!

btw, my daughter's shirt says: ACU Speech Language Pathology. That is her major.

Merry Christmas!!!!

Edie said...

I love your tree! I have learned to keep it simple too these days.

Would you PLEASE come over here and Spring clean my house too! LOL!

You are surrounded by so much creativity! I love it!

Have a most blessed Christmas!!