Monday, December 14, 2009

Memory Monday: Year End Letter

The OLD and the NEW

As we move into a new year we look back at the past--2009.

We, Mike and Rita, left the working world and took up the flexible life-style of retirees.
We have been very intent on finding our way in this new life.

Old gifts are being put to good use:

Mike’s God-given talent to design and create has led to new pursuits:
  • Ministry opportunities with Lightrider: 
    • assisting with CAD drawings for the design of a new bus accessible to the elderly 
    • designs for possible uses of an addition to the Red Barn 
  • Creativity expressed through clay--Klaytivity: Unique Thrown Pottery
Previous involvements with the Muncie robotics team continue. Coming up:                                              
  • New Year’s Eve ball drop 
  • 2010 FIRST build season and competitions
Ongoing fitness habits, like bicycling, enabled him to do the RAIN in July (160 mi. ride across Indiana), and got him an invite to participate in the Quebrantahuesos (Bonebreaker!) in Spain. Monday the 14th, names will be drawn from the thousands of applicants. He is registered in a group of six. We understand that if any one of their names is drawn, all get to ride. Stay tuned, we may be going to visit our Basque teen and family next spring!

Amaia, from Hondarribía in the Basque Country, Spain, was with us for a month in the summer, our granddaughter Kayla as well. It was a wonderful experience.

Rita continues to blog and is taking an online writing course.

Stephan’s ice carving business, the Indiana Ice Studio, is growing steadily.
Karen assists him and also works as administrative coordinator at a pain clinic in Muncie.
In her spare time she blogs at SmallTownRunner.
They continue to host a Monday night community dinner in their Yorktown home.

We were remembering the name Leah’s birth mother gave her—Manuela—and thinking of its beautiful meaning—God is with us!  Such a comforting thought in troubled times. Motherly worries are ongoing as children grow and circumstances change. Skye is 12 and Kayla 18!
Jimmy is always busy in his heating and cooling business--Air Your Way.

Sam has constant jobs in construction and carpentry-related work and in his spare time he reinstalled the enormous Life Skateboards bowl in a warehouse in downtown Muncie.
Kristie was granted a full-time student scholarship to finish her undergraduate degree in psychology. She graduates in May.
They gave us a new grandson, November 23rd--Zion Promise!
Of course, Malachi (11) and Elijah (5 in Jan.) continue to grow, change, and learn.

All five grandchildren bring us much delight.      

Travel Opportunities in 2009:
  • During spring break, Rita and Kayla went on a road trip to North Carolina to visit Lorrie, a friend from seminary and OM days almost 40 years ago! 
  • In May, dear family friend, Randy McMullin in Wisconsin, joined his wife in Heaven. Mike and Rita attended the wonderful memorial service. 
  • Rita was a reader for Advanced Placement Spanish exams held in Cincinnati, OH, a week in June. 
  • Most of our family, along with several friends, attended Cornerstone Festival, in Bushnell, IL. 
  • Rita drove to Nashville, TN, in August, to the marriage celebration of a former student. 
  • And traveled by train to Chicago, IL, in September to help cousin Rosie in her first week after heart surgery. 
  • Mike and Rita spent two+ weeks in Pocatello, ID, for the annual Koch-brothers-and-nephew October hunt. Totals for this year: 200 ducks, 18 pheasants, 8 sharp-tail grouse...and a broken down car! Our return trip was delayed five days!
The story of Christmas never grows old.
The wonder of God with us takes on new meaning every year.
Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!

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sara said...

My kids did several youth Lightrider trips while we were in IN!!!!

And I love my Klaytivity creation!!!!
It has a prominent place in my kitchen!

sounds like a great year!