Saturday, September 4, 2010

2010 Week 36

Sunday we honored Jay and Janie Kesler with a very-well attended farewell service and carry-in dinner. After retiring as Taylor University president, Jay was our teaching pastor for eight years. We are thrilled that this is not a goodbye. They built a house and settled in Upland, just down the road from us.

I interrupted their meal to get this picture, never the most flattering time to be photographed. Janie was described as the "classiest and godliest woman." I agree.

Monday evening we were eager to see how our DIL Karen was faring after her surgery last Friday. This is how we found her, minus one bunion and needing her stuffed elephant to keep her company.

Kayla J made a special bouquet to cheer her. She also shared what she had learned about roses--they cannot be out of the water 5 seconds before they start to close. That is why you trim the stem and immediately put it in water.

The guys worked extra long and hard at the Red Barn because there was to be a dedication service Tuesday.

Here you can see all three buildings: Lightrider headquarters in the middle; and the Gray Barn, ministry to senior citizens on the left.

People are arriving for the ceremony. The new addition was dedicated in honor of Amy Nose, a faithful well-loved volunteer who lost her life prematurely last March in a domestic incident.
The plan is to eventually equip the art room with five pottery wheels.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, I leave around 7:30 a.m. for the 40 minute drive to Ivy Tech. I was blessed to see a gorgeous sunrise and got this drive-by shot.

And here's is a silly little poem I wrote  about my BTS (back to school) experience.

Students are the
Centerpiece, my focus.
Helping them
Open up mind and heart to new ways
Oh, the joys of
Learning and laughing together!

I am truly enjoying those hours in the classroom, especially now that the paperwork hassle is over (contract in order and signed) and we've figured out how to use all the technology available in the classroom.
I have a great group of students, a well-equipped and situated classroom, and I am able to practice the techniques learned over the years to enhance student acquisition of a second language.

The weather has been wonderful all week. The flowers continue to bloom, although I have noticed some leaves are beginning to fall.

How many times do hostas bloom in one summer?

This is the weekend of the Upland Labor Day festival. Today, more than 200 were on the map for yard sales and the town was teeming with bargain-shoppers. Elijah was here overnight, so he and I had fun going to a few of the rummage sales, mostly for his entertainment. He went everywhere on his bike, including numerous times up and down our driveway.

Then Mom and Zion came to take him back home.


sara said...

oh, that doesn't sound like a fun surgery!! praying she heals quickly.

I did not know that about roses. thanks for the tip!

Exciting that the barn is done!!! So cool!

btw, I think my MIL would like the dark blue butter bell. I will email you her I just need to go to the etsy site and order it?

McCrakensx4 said...

Beatutiful sunrise; I am lucky enough to catch a few on my way to work every now and then. And a town of garage much fun!

Kim said...

Lovely poem! Glad you're enjoying your BTS experience :) The kids here are busy with exams (three semesters per year so they're 2/3 through).

Have always wanted hostas for our yard, but never managed it there. Maybe here? It's been nice this weekend. Right now it's 75 degrees! Just got back from a walk along the lake.

Am working on re-habing (is that a word?) some furniture. Painting an old floor lamp (must find new shade too), painting a nightstand to become an end table... Enjoying the nicer weather so I can do things like this!

No 365 for me this week. I was REALLY bad and didn't take any photos except last night. Overcast, cold and dreary week and we just hunkered down at home and tried to stay warm, only going out when necessary.

Tori said...

The barns look great! It's been fun to see the progress on the Red one! I am sure there will be many blessings happening there.
The roses are very pretty!
Glad you are settling into school and enjoying them.
Have a super week!!

Dena said...

Here on our farm we have a big red barn, so I am partial to those. I love the new one built!

You're poem is great!

I love the sunrise shot. Very pretty.

And could those boys be any cuter? :)

The Bug said...

I enjoyed your week in pictures. Those roses are gorgeous! And so are the two kids in the last picture - so cute with the kissing!

I'm so glad you're enjoying your teaching experience - they're lucky to have you!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

5 seconds?!!! Good grief. That's a lot of pressure for this little perfectionist!! (I'm hoping my husband won't get into the habit of sending me roses...'cause I'll surely mess them up!)

What beautiful buildings! Gorgeous against that blue sky.

Sunrise pic is awesome!! And what a blessing to have Elijah overnight. Making those memories. That's so important.