Monday, September 27, 2010

2010 Week 39: More Festivals and Fun

We continue to have wonderful weather (warm and some HOT--94 degrees!) and, though we could use the rain, it is great for the various local festivals still going on.

Mike was away at a pottery workshop, so Sunday after church I set up a small exhibit at Payne's Art and Music Festival, just three miles from home. The sun was SO HOT and no tent! Had fun anyway, and got a sun burn.

Work at the Red Barn continued this week and Mike had a lot of catching up to do, so I went to Monday Meal on my own. The Chef could not be there (out delivering an ice sculpture), but his protege, Kayla J, prepared beef curry with potatoes and carrots, rice, chai, and her first bread!

She had so much fun and was proud of herself. "It looks just like Chef's!" she said.

Teaching is going well and keeps me quite occupied. A power nap some afternoons helps. I enjoy the recliner on the deck, hearing the wind, looking up at the trees, and meditating.

Isaiah 7:2b

"So his heart and the heart of his people were moved as the trees of the woods are moved by the wind."

Wednesday, on the way to the dentist I drove by a small church building where my father had preached for a year or more in late retirement while he was still able. That congregation is no more. The building was sold.

Thursday my order of Karen's book arrived. I will enjoy gifting them to the right people.

Friday morning early we headed to the James Dean festival in nearby Fairmount. Mike had already chosen his spot and set up the tent the day before. The sun was shining brightly, however throughout the day the wind was fierce and slowed things down considerably.

Before unpacking the pottery
Saturday two grandsons joined us. It was a gorgeous day, and thousands were out enjoying the weather, the hundreds of old cars, the food, the exhibits, and shopping.

Boys watching grandpa carve

Same model of my first driving lessons. 

Replica of the car JD was killed in
And so much more, however, the day was not yet over. I went home early to welcome the Spanish Club from the university where I used to teach. They still like to come out and have a bonfire and cookout in our picnic area. Elijah was with me and especially enjoyed the piñata.

He took home his trophy, half of the destroyed penguin or whatever it was, and said he was going to keep it forever. I doubt the candy will last that long!


The Bug said...

Great pics this week! But goodness you were busy! You can not be telling the truth about that car - unless there was just an ancient one around for you to learn on. Heh.

Tori said...

You were a busy lady this week!
Good job on cooking Kayla!
I love your tree shot with the verse. He is always moving, isn't He? :)
Do you ever come up Northern Indiana way for festivals? If you ever do you will have to let me know. Would love to meet you and see Mike's pottery in person!
Have a super week!!

Lhoyt said...

Note to The Bug. I drove that one, too, and I'm four years younger. It was actually a sedan, and the one in the picture looks to be a roadster w/rumbleseat. 1931 Model A Ford

Lhoyt said...

Note to "The Bug". I drove that car, too, and I'm four years younger than Rita. However, it looks to be a 1931 Model A Roadster w/rumbleseat (sometimes called a 'grandma seat') and ours was a four passenger sedan (2 dr.) That was in the early 60's.

rita said...

Lynn, I knew you'd remember far more details, and if it indeed was true that i drove such a car. I remember the squareness, not the seats, and also how it balked and lept in my failed attempts to master the stick shift.

Lhoyt said...

My lesson was very short. Yours, a little bit longer. By the time I really had a chance to drive, we had a 1941 Plymouth Deluxe, and the lesson went much better.