Monday, September 27, 2010

Bilingual Children's Picture Book

My picture book review, in order to enter the big children's book giveaway, is of a favorite ABC book. It is very unique. For one thing, it is bilingual and, of course, as a language teacher, I lean heavily toward such teaching tools. In fact, I want to use it tomorrow to practice pronunciation.

I love the brightly colored photos of the carved wooden animals created by a family in Oaxaca, Mexico.  The background story on their website is very interesting and you will also see some of the pages. you will be surprised to find out how many of the animal names are similar to English, very recognizable in Spanish. That's where exagerating the Spanish vowels will make the big difference.

Do check out ABeCedarios, and don't miss the Behind the Scenes link to the great success story of the  Jimenez' family. You will fall in love with this little book and will notice that there is another out there by the same author--Opuestos, and a third in her series  “First Concepts in Mexican Folk Art”--Colores de la vida, coming out in January, 2011. I want to have all of them and use them not only  with my grandchildren but also my adult beginning Spanish students, who after all are in kindergartners in the language!

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Biligual Baby said...

My favourite ABC book has got to be the one from Brainy Baby. My kids absolutely love them. I pair them up with the flash cards as well.

Thanks for the link to the competition. Definitely going to enter it =) You can never have too many books.