Sunday, September 19, 2010

2010 Week 38: Birthdays and more...

The week began celebrating Mike's little sister Diane's birthday at her place, those who could make it. As usual  Stephan teased her a lot, but I think she enjoys the attention.

Mike didn't work at the Red Barn this week and the weather was nice, so he spent almost every morning gathering wood, cutting up fallen logs and stacking them in the shed.

We always find time to watch the Vuelta a España bicycle race, which ended today. Monday we were especially happy to see Mikel Nieve from Euskaltel win the stage, as we are somewhat partial to the Basque team.

A few days before that we had been very sad to hear of best Euskaltel rider, Igor Anton's accident.

Every Wednesday Skye has a football game. No close-ups yet, nor any victories, but #99 is playing well.

Kristie's birthday was this week. After my class Thursday we met for lunch at Panera's.

All week was spirit week, with a different dress-up theme each day in anticipation of Homecoming. This is Leah's photo of her kids on Friday, the big day.

Eastbrook Panther Fans
Mike was gone all weekend to a pottery workshop.
I was reminded of the ceramics museum we visited in Ollerias, Basque Country, and the delightful lady we met there.


Kim said...

Lots of lovely wood for winter! Go Mike! As we arrived in Sta. Rosa last night and put the trailer in the garage, I saw the neat pile of fire wood stacked along the back and realized we won't be needing it next winter because we'll be in the U.S. :)

Seems like lots of birthdays lately... does your family have them in clusters like ours does?

As always a busy week for you... when do you find time to work?!

The Bug said...

Looks like you had a nice celebratory week! I love Panera - I always get the same thing (tomatoe basil mozzerella sandwich).

rita said...

We have birthdays every month!
Good question ;) Actually structure helps me accomplish more.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I would love to do a weekend pottery workshop! I have always wanted to learn how to use a potters wheel. I did it in high school but it was nothing serious. Sound like great fun!


Tori said...

What a fun week of birthdays!
I can smell the fire now with all of that wood. Makes me want to cuddle up and read!!
A pottery workshop sounds fun. I just love pottery!!
Have a super week!!