Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 Week 37: From Festival to Festival

Last weekend was our BIG small-town festival--yard sales (200+) on Saturday; parade Monday, Labor Day (80+ entries); and hundreds of visitors from out of town. It is the one weekend  in the year when four-wheelers are allowed on the roads. So we had fun riding to and from the parade, and picked up our grandson on the way.

Sunday evening of that festive weekend, our church has a root beer float social. We love the combination of root beer and ice cream, but can remember when our children were young, that when we came back to the US they thought root beer tasted like tooth paste. Our Basque visitors said the same!

Root beer floats for all!

Weekdays were filled with our regular occupations: Mike continuing to work at the Red Barn, and me teaching. Plus grandparent joys, such as attending sports events.

Moved the kid's art, shows up better.
Digging holes for deck posts

By now you've seen the building from several angles. I took this one from an old bridge over the railroad before starting my run/walk back home. On the days I don't teach, MWF, I like to ride with Mike to the Red Barn so I'm forced motivated to jog/wog/walk/run the two and a half miles to get back home.

Malachi's first cross-country meet.
We went to Skye's football game on Wednesday, but no good photo.

For weeks now Mike has been diligently throwing, glazing, firing his unique pots, making display stands, preparing for the Cumberland Covered Bridge Festival in the neighboring town. Matthews is probably smaller than our town, but their festival draws a huge crowd.

Thursday evening we were setting up the tent. Friday we unpacked and arranged the pottery, then took turns sitting waiting for customers, and talking to people. Saturday was cold and rainy, even so we sold more that day.

Explaining new techniques to Gina
Sharing secrets of the trade with art teacher Carol
Malachi and friend
The whole weekend was like a mini-vacation. We got to spend so much time together, eat fair food, visit with family and friends who stopped by, meet new people and have wonderful conversations. We were invited to a couple of upcoming shows and several others were recommended. Veremos... (We shall see.)


skoots1mom said...

oh this all looks like so much fun...please be careful on that four-wheeler (I had a good friend who lost her life on one...they still make me nervous)
anyway...what great times and places ;)

The Bug said...

Our church sold rootbeer floats at a festival this past weekend! We called them heavenly floats - but it was cool & rainy here so we didn't make any money.

I would love to go to a show to see Mike's work. Wonder if that would ever be doable? Hmmm...

The Bug said...

I just looked it up & Matthews is only about 2.5 hours away from where I live! I couldn't have come this weekend (selling heavenly floats), but let me know if he does it again next year!

sara said...

looks and sounds like you had a great week!!! I miss all the festivals of Indiana...they don't have as many down here!!

I love rootbeer floats...I haven't had one in forever....I may just have to make a trip to the grocery store!!

SmallTownRunner said...

Wish I could have come to the festival. Next year! And what's up with Malachi wearing the costume?

Kim said...

Mmmmm, I miss root beer floats! Another thing to add to the growing list of "must have" foods when we go on furlough :)

VERY busy week you had! Lots of great photos too. Really like the one of y'all on the 4-wheeler. That looks like fun!

BTW, like your new background and banner photo. I need to get busy and change mine; had it WAY too long. But lack of computer time means I don't get stuff like that done. Oh well!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Wow. You've been CRAZY busy!! But HOW fun!! Your pottery display looks GREAT! And I love that people get to ride their 4-wheelers on the roads during festival weekend. You guys have to be about the coolest grandparents ever!! Seriously. Loved this post.

rita said...

Yeah, life just doesn't slow down.
Maybe it keeps us young, uh...?

Tori said...

Root Beer floats!! Yummy! I have never heard anyone say that root beer tastes like toothpaste, though! :)
Glad you had such a great time at the festival. Wish I was a little closer, would've loved to come to your booth!!