Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to BA

Argentina Series: Overnight travel from day 15-16

For the return trip to BA (as we used to refer to Buenos Aires instead of the proper abreviation--Bs. As.) I chose to pay a little extra to have the Betel Ejecutivo experience (http://www.betelejecutivo.com/). It is unique, the only bus service of its kind in the world--a Christian bus line that exists to minister and serve.
Betel, from the biblical name meaning 'house of God', was chosen to describe the restful refreshing environment they aim to provide through excellent caring services.
As we boarded the bus the stewardess greeted each one and handed us a couple papers. One was the Bible reading and devotion for the day and another was a coupon to fill out with any prayer burden we may have and contact information.
A newspaper awaited on each seat. The stewardess read the Scripture and devotion aloud and offered a prayer at the beginning. Then we were served a lovely meal in two courses: first cold cuts, then that plate was replaced by a hot tray.

The prayer 'coupons', as they called them, were collected after the meal and not long after they 'tucked us in' for the night, closed the curtains, turned off the lights, made sure we were warm enough.
Worship music woke us up early in time for breakfast and prayer before arrival at our destination.

The very next day I had an e-mail from Betel assuring me that their team had prayer for me and offering further follow-up if I so desired.

When we are in God's heavenly home we may hear of how many people were blessed by this creative method. In any case, we DO know that God's Word will accomplish what it was sent out to do!

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